Join Auntie Anne’s in the Mighty Fight Against Childhood Cancer

I want all of you to meet Patrick.

Auntie Anne's Alex's Lemonade Stand

This sweet baby began his fight against cancer during his first year of life. As he approached his first birthday, his mother noticed a lump in Patrick’s belly. He was later diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor, a rare form of cancer that strikes the youngest among us. I am thrilled to share that after intensive chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, Patrick’s CT scans came back negative. Now at the age of three, he is cancer free and able to focus his time on what matters: his toy tools, helicopters, firetrucks, and his baby sister, Elisabeth Ann.

I learned all too well the devastation of childhood cancer when I said goodbye to my friend Krista in the fall of 1991, her battle to cancer lost at the age of fourteen. I’m so incredibly grateful for the advancements in understanding and treating childhood cancers that have made it possible for stories of hope like Patrick’s to exist.

This week I’m calling attention to Patrick’s story on behalf of Auntie Anne’s who is donating $50 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand in honor of Patrick and as a result of this post. Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of kids like Patrick, so please consider joining Auntie Anne’s in The Mighty Fight against childhood cancers. Can I suggest that you donate the cost of a delicious Auntie Anne’s pretzel and an ice cold old-fashioned lemonade, about five dollars? What a great start!

Want to do more? Go ahead and share Patrick’s story with some friends on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe they’ve got five dollars to spare this week as well.

Regardless of what action you take this week as we celebrate Patrick, I’m just glad that you had the chance to meet him. It means that one more child has won his battle against childhood cancer.

This post was not sponsored, but a donation was made to ALSF in exchange for my sharing Patrick’s story.

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