I’ve Been Poken ‘d by JessicaKnows!

While the hands down best part of attending any social media/blogging conference is meeting the “co-workers” that you have already connected with online, a very close second is meeting your future co-workers, the members of the online community who you plan to link to, friend, and follow in the future.

But if you’re like me, you return from these conferences with something that looks like this:

Now I understand that I could organize this mess into a card holder of some sort, but honestly…that’s probably not going to happen. Thankfully, Jessica Smith from JessicaKnows decided to stop by my house last night and Poken me. And like any good friend who decides to Poken me on a snowy Saturday night, she brought her flip camera with her….

So before you head to your next meeting or conference, I’ve just got one question for you…..”Got Poken?”

Written by: Amy

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