It’s Time for BlogHer!

Last year I entered the blogging world right as roughly a thousand women were flying across the country to meet at something called “BlogHer.” I was utterly confused as I watched “BlogHer,” “swag,” and “boo-hoo party” fly across the screen on Twitter.

What was this BlogHer, and why did everyone care?

A year later I am headed to BlogHer under the very generous sponsorship of the folks at Time to Play, the home of toy experts that bring over 100 combined years of experience to you via articles, giveaways, and videos.

I want to tell you all about how I’m going to wean myself off of high fructose corn syrupy soda, how the EA Sport Active 30 Day Challenge went, and why you absolutely, positively need to consider staying at the Pop Century for your next Disney vacation. I’ve also got some tips for how to decorate your children’s room using your creativity not your credit card, and you know I have some cute pictures of the new dog to share…

But it’s BlogHer week! So hang on for the ride because it’s going to be one crazy week! And I’m bringing the swag to you.

Wondering like I was a year ago what I’m talking about?

Swag: the great free stuff you pick up at conferences….and I’ve got some for you…

Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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