It Happened

Our parents all warned us. Moms of older kids nudged and told us. Trace Adkins even sang to us about it, and if you’re like me, you sighed and changed the station.

And then earlier this week when everyone panicked that Facebook did didn’t may have released private messages from 2009 to our public Walls, I found this update from December 18, 2007:

Amy Lupold Bair is enjoying watching her kids play, doing laundry, and wondering how to wrap the kids’ presents without setting off the police car toy.

And I missed it. I missed doing laundry, I missed sitting on the floor with my kids for hours, I missed that the most pressing problem in my life was figuring out how to wrap a Shake-N-Go police car.

I missed the simplicity of my life. Every aspect of it.

I miss it now in this very moment as a to-do list stares up at me instead of a toddler, as I notice the train ticket next to my keyboard that means I’ll be missing bus pick-up and drop-off tomorrow.

It happened. I miss it all.

Pictures found on my (at the time) three year old daughter’s camera, capturing our days together


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  • My son is 17 and I am not ready for that. I need him to get younger or I need more kids! I’m not ready not to have little kid stuff in my life.

  • This totally made me tear up Amy. It is all going so fast, isn’t it? And we can’t stop it. No matter how much we want to or how hard we try. I miss it, too.

  • Oh I can totally relate…..just sent my only off to kindergarten……having never put her in preschool. I miss those days where it was just me and her always together.

    Tearing up now.

  • I agree. I have a teen, tween and toddler. And so much of the time if seems like toddler is my teen…if that makes sense…it goes by so very fast! Your kiddos are still little…enjoy! Great post, have a wonderful weekend!

  • I know, I miss it too. I have a 10 year old and I’ve worked for her entire life up to this year as a “work-at-home”Mom but so much of it was working and not what I had envisioned for the “at-home” part. I missed it too. But, there’s time to get back on track – I am trying that avenue now.

  • It’s gut wrenching. We are sending our oldest to Kindergarten next year and I am so torn. I want her to got to school and learn, be with other kids and socialize but on the other hand I don’t want her to lose that unique perspective and freedom to express herself in the way she does so freely. I know that school will change (I was a teacher till last year, so I know what happens) and while I know that it will be for the best, it’s still hard to lose these wonderful years I have had with my daughter.