I have a confession.

I am a soda addict. No, I’m not exaggerating. I begin each morning with two diet sodas instead of a cup of coffee. I require additional fizz at lunch, and by mid-afternoon I am craving the additional pick-me-up of a glass filled with delightful bubbles.

It isn’t the sugar that does it for me; I gave sugary soda up ages ago. And while the caffeine is surely a help, caffeine-free soda also gets my motor running.

It’s the carbonation. I go ga-ga for the fun of the fizz.

You can almost hear the bubbles…

And now for my second confession. I am an at-home soda machine drop out. Back in my baby days, I realized that turning constantly to soda to get me through the busy days following sleepless nights was not a healthy road to be dragging myself down. So I got an at-home soda machine for a healthier alternative. And I gave it the old college try.

But I gave up my at-home soda machine – literally – because the hassle of replacing the CO2 cylinders was more than my hectic schedule could take. Dropping them off at a designated location? Remembering to go online to order new cylinders? It was easier for me to grab a twelve pack of diet something and toss it in the fridge.

So here I am ten years later, still wishing I had made the at-home carbonation transition work. That’s when I heard about Soda Sense. The name of this blog promises to be resourceful. Well, today I’m happy to make good on that promise.

Exclusive! If you use this link to click through to Soda Sense, you’ll receive 10% off your first purchase!

Soda Sense is a brand-spanking-new service that provides door-to-door CO2 cylinder refills for your favorite at-home soda machine. Gone are the days of scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups and reordering.

Here’s how Soda Sense works:

    • Choose the Right Package for You – Get started by signing up for free. (Free, y’all. FREE.) The site’s guided experience will help you choose the best option to begin your exchange.
    • Return Your Empties – Keep the exchange box your canisters were delivered in and use it to mail back two empties of your choice. One fewer box in your recycling!
    • Soda Sense Delivers You Fresh Fizz – Once received, we’ll refill your two empties at a membership rate and mail them right back.

Friends, can we talk for a moment about remembering things? Anyone else take their February babies to their well-child pediatrician visits in the summer because they have forgotten so many times to make appointments that they’re about to lap themselves? Just me?

I am here for anything that makes my life easier. And that is precisely what Soda Sense is here to do. 

Ready to get started?

Head on over to Soda Sense to see which option works best for you right now. Do you have empties you need to replace? Do you have an at-home soda machine sitting around gathering dust (I’m not here to judge) and you simply need one cylinder to get back on the carbonation horse? Soda Sense has three options to get you started and on your cylinder replacement way.

And hey – great new! – there is no subscription required. You aren’t signing your soda drinking life away for the next twelve months. You can order automatic deliveries on demand! This allows for flexibility, especially as you’re getting started with the service.

As a reader of Resourceful Mommy, you will receive 10% off your first Soda Sense purchase through this unique link: 10% off for RM readers

If you give Soda Sense a try, be sure to come back and let us know! We’d love to hear about your Soda Sense experience! And be sure to stop by Soda Sense on Instagram, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Give them a warm welcome to the social media world!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Soda Sense. It does not contain affiliate links. All opinions and disorganization are my own. And yes, it’s true, I never remember to schedule my children’s doctor appointments. 

Written by: Amy Lupold Bair

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