Introducing Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries

My kids are high energy.  Actually, my life is high energy.  We are constantly on the go and needing our most important devices to work including our digital cameras as we take pictures of everything from 5K races…

…to hiking in the mountains near our home.

Even when we’re at home, the action doesn’t slow down.  No one wants their favorite Wii remote to stop working in the middle of the big Friday night Wii and Laundry Night main event!

There is nothing worse than having your batteries lose power during those high energy moments – exactly when you want to take a picture, play a game, record a video.  I am happy to announce as a Rayovac Power Blogger that Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries will be available next month.  These batteries were created with all of your high-drain devices in mind from your digital cameras to your children’s hand held video games to yes, those Wii remotes!

Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries will be available for purchase in all Walmart locations and beginning April 23rd.  Visit Rayovac on Facebook now to receive a $1 coupon to be used in stores!

What high energy part of your life could use the new Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries?

About Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries:
German-engineered for high performance in high-drain electronics, these batteries are high in performance and low in cost. With the Rayovac name, you know they’re a quality battery you can trust to last.

I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.  As part of this program I have received product and monetary compensation.


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  • My son just got a camera that uses regular batteries. Not good! They are used up way too quickly. This might be a big help to him.

  • Honestly, I cannot think of anyone more suited to be a high energy blogger for Rayovac than you, Amy! Hope you’ve been doing grand? Busy but super here!

    *Hugs from Texas*


  • My sister just give me a gift which is a baby monitor that uses standart batteries and it is terrible they last only 4-5 hours. Is it possible to make it work with this battaries if the voltage is the same? Thanks.