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One day last year my vacuum stopped working. This would have been a problem any day of the week, but on this particular day, my floors were beyond a mess and in desperate need of being cleaned. I could have turned to some consumer website, or even a store site with buyer’s recommendations. Instead I started by calling my favorite moms: my best friend, my playgroup buddies, my sister-in-law.

Next time I’ll just go to Mom Faves.

Josh and Rebecca Unfried, two of the most genuinely nice people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, created Mom Faves with the dream of taking those conversations and recommendations between mothers and capturing them all in one place. In short, the site is a platform for word of mouth to go to a new level.

Mom Faves gives moms an opportunity to share what they love, what is working for them, and impact the quality of life for other mothers around the country. The site gives moms the tools they need to do this effectively: lists, groups, blogs…

All moms need to do to share their top picks in a wide variety of categories is “Fave It.” If your favorite cause, restaurant, blog isn’t listed, you can add it to the site and watch as other moms promote that product by choosing to Fave It as well!

The site’s content is created by you and for you. It allows moms to create a brand that is really their own, to take hours of product research and convert it into a search that now takes simply seconds.

Mom Faves will not only help your life, but if you’re a blogger, you may particularly be interested in what the future holds. You will be able to use Mom Faves as a content source and look forward to more fun tools such as a widget builder. is a fabulous idea for a site that has been implemented beautifully, but what is most compelling is the story behind this site. Inspired by the memory of his mother, an outgoing teacher who loved nothing more than to share what she loved with her friends and family, Josh created Mom Faves to facilitate this sharing between moms around the country. Mom Faves was incorporated on October 29th, the third anniversary of his mother’s death, and will be launched officially this Wednesday, on what would have been her 57th birthday.

Norma Unfried loved parties, and the Unfrieds asked that we celebrate the site launch with a SiteWarming Party on Twitter this Friday, February 13th from 9 to 10 p.m. EST (#momfaves). And of course there will be door prizes and a fabulous Goody Bag contest with lots of fave-worthy products!

RSVP here. Join us – and start spreading the word about this new favorite site of moms –

Written by: Amy

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