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My grandmother was the type of woman who could throw together a fabulous meal on a moment’s notice…including a pie baked from scratch. She could also do just about anything with a sewing machine, due partly from her experience as a homemaker and also from her decades working in the garment industry as a factory seamstress.

I never fully appreciated her knowledge – except for those moments when I needed to know her secret chocolate cake recipe – until after she was gone. Now that I’m a mother and I’m showing my own daughter how to sew a hem or make a pillow, I think about how much it would mean to be able to show my grandmother the couch I re-covered, the bedding I made, or the Halloween costumes I’ve sewn. I could ask her my knitting questions and learn the best places to buy fabrics.

Crafting – be it paper crafts, jewelry making, scrapbooking, knitting, felting, crocheting…. – have risen to an incredible level of popularity, yet it can still be difficult to find a community of crafters, the type of women my grandmother knew and loved. My family lives hundreds of miles away and my close friends nearby do not sew or participate in the same crafts.

But now there’s a site where you can find fellow crafters by craft type, upload your current projects to share and inspire, and even create and join niche groups ranging from holiday crafts to vintage inspired! If you’re ready to move beyond connecting one on one with other site users, you can blog or join a forum. The most amazing aspect of Crafty Nation is that you can reach out and promote local crafting events in your community or you can list your crafty creations for all the world to see in the Crafty Nation classifieds…..for free!

I do not create beautiful jewelry with glass beads or intricate quilts stitched by hand. My crafting is far more utilitarian – but the chance to join with others and ask those questions that I would ask my grandmother if only I could – well that chance is till very much appreciated. And it is for this reason that I am now a citizen of Crafty Nation.

Join us on Twitter Friday night (1/23) from 9 to 10 p.m. EST as we welcome Crafty Nation with a crafting discussion like no other. Our time will be led by crafting panelists from the blogosphere, and we will be handing out fabulous door prizes. To join us just tweet with the hashtag #crafty, and you may wish to use the platform TweetChat to make your party-going experience even easier and more fun!

Written by: Amy

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