Intel® Optane™ Memory: Get the Speed, Keep the Capacity! #IntelINCROWD


Just in time for the holiday, THE IN-CROWD HUB is featuring Intel® Optane™ memory: Get the Speed, Keep the Capacity!

Technology gets smarter and smarter and the latest memory development from Intel® is no exception! This new class of memory accelerates performance without sacrificing storage capacity. Over time, Optane™ memory will learn your personal computing habits and preferences, prioritizing the files and programs that you use most. What does that mean? Everything you do will feel faster! You’ll spend less time waiting for programs and files to load. As your computer’s memory becomes faster and more efficient, your speed and efficiency will increase, too!

Whether you use your computer for business, homework, or entertainment, Optane™ memory is perfect for busy families whose time is at a premium! I think about all the time I have wasted while waiting for my computer to boot up ir for a browser window or editing program to start up and wish Optane™ memory had come along sooner!

THE IN-CROWD HUB at HSN has a fantastic new video to show you all of the great features of Intel® Optane™ memory. Check it out and watch more exclusive videos about other great Intel® features, as well! Find out just how devices with Intel® features like Optane™ memory can improve your overall computing experience, including work, entertainment, gaming, and so much more.

Are you looking for an amazing last-minute gift to wrap up your holiday shopping? Get your holiday celebrations underway with an awesome deal from Intel® on HSN! Get the HP Pavilion 23” Touch All-in-One with Intel® Optane™ memory for $999.95 plus FREE shipping during HSN’s “Today’s Special” deal on 12/22 through 12/25. This incredible $100 savings comes just in time to treat yourself or someone special on your shopping list to a hardworking all-in-one that includes an Intel® Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 16GB of Intel Optane™ Memory & 1TB HDD Touchscreen. This deal is for a limited time only and allows you to experience Intel® Optane™ Memory for the first time!

Written by: Shannan Powell

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