If You Tweet It, They Will Come…Book Interview!

ResourcefulMom – Are you a woman furthering business goals through social media (ie.Twitter) and willing to be interviewed for a new book? DM @ResourcefulMom

Chaos Ensues
So here’s the deal, ladies (and gents who know ladies…): I have been toying with an idea for a book about women, choice, having it all for some time. Those of you who read this blog (thanks to both of you!) have read a preview of my thoughts on this topic. In July I began interviewing women regarding the messages they received as little girls and the choices they’ve made as adults. Now I need to find women of all ages and backgrounds to interview regarding the use of the internet, primarily social media, in furthering their own business goals and promoting not only their businesses, but in many cases, themselves. If you would like to participate, please comment on this article and be sure to include your e-mail address.
Thanks everyone!
Written by: Amy

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