I Won Something! (really!)

Those of you who are familiar with the online world know that there are many, many giveaways. Product reviewers pass on their loot, businesses hand out samples of their wares, and bloggers like me – well, we rely on the former groups to help us put together fun contests that will give our readers that same rush they get when scratching off a lotto card with their lucky penny. And hopefully while they’re entering the contest, they’ll take a few minutes to read what we’ve got to say.

If you’ve got a contest to promote, the best place to spread the word is arguably on Twitter. I’ve loved every second I’ve spent over there making new friends and learning the blogging ropes. And while I’m there, I keep my eyes pealed for contests.
But let’s get one thing straight right now – I don’t expect to win – ever.
You see, there’s a long standing joke in my family about my lack of luck – or more accurately, my bad luck. I have a bad habit of getting horrible illnesses on my birthday, winning SECOND place at just about everything, having my sweet and sour chicken delivered to my house without….wait for it….the sweet and sour. So although I love entering a contest to help a friend out, check out what new and fabulous products are out there, or just to roll the dice, I never expect to win and thus forget about the contest immediately after entering.
So imagine my surprise, nay, Shock, when I received an e-mail from Hani over at Fierce Hugs.
I already like Fierce Hugs because their 100% organic cotton baby products are incredible and their staff is amazing. Take Hani, for example. She doesn’t hide behind the adorable Fierce Hugs logo on Twitter. Instead, she allows the Twitterverse to get to know her, and then through her, get to know the company. Online businesses, take note! This is the way to utilize social media. What Hani and Fierce Hugs didn’t know is that I would have supported their business without their contest or my big win.
Shhh! Don’t tell – I am NOT returning my prize.
I won the most adorable, handy tote I’ve ever seen.
Imagine if your local grocery store’s reusable bags were suddenly five times more useful, ten times softer, and fifty time cuter – that’s my tote. Now imagine that same soft, movable cotton on your baby. Fabulous! But why should you care about my tote? Because you can win one, too! I won my tote fair and square in a Fierce Hugs contest, but out of the awesomeness of their hearts, Fierce Hugs is donating one to the Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party Goody Bag.
Are you as cool as me? Are you as awesome as Dwight from The Office? Wanna’ be?

Enter now and enter often! This tote alone is worth the time it takes to click this link and roll the dice. Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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