What I Meant to Do Today

The plan for today was to buy some beautiful spring flowers, especially the bulbs that we discovered weren’t planted at our new house.  All March I waited, hoping to see little green leaves poking up through the soil, only to find that the previous owners had only planted a summer garden.  I’m anxious for daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and bluebells.  I want to yank out the non-flowering shrubs along the back fence and plant a bright yellow forsythia.  Today I meant to trim the bushes along the front walk, remove dead stalks, search for the green…

If the weather had been really nice, maybe we would have gone to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival downtown…

But when I looked outside while getting ready for church this morning, there was snow flying through the air. Right now as I write this, the sun is hiding  behind the clouds, the temperature 34.  What I meant to do today was work in the garden, enjoying the spring.  But not wanting to put my winter gloves under my gardening gloves, I’m staying inside, wishing spring would arrive and stay…

Written by: Amy

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  • Can we PLEASE run back to Disney World now? It is not snowing here, but it is freezing. Nothing like going from mid 80’s to barely in the 30’s to depress a spirit. I have a strange feeling we are going to go from winter right to summer here.

  • I just can’t shake the funk I’m in, and I know it’s because of the return of cold weather. (The time change didn’t help either.) So looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt!

  • Same case here 🙂 All winter clothes put away and then snow falling around.

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