How to Decorate Easter Eggs the Resourceful Mommy Way


Full Disclosure – four eggs were broken in the process of dyeing these eggs including one unsuspecting little egg that I smacked into the side of the pot absent-mindedly and one that my daughter dropped when she missed the cup of dye entirely.

This year I decided that I was no longer going to dip eggs into little plastic sleeves or settle for randomly placed stickers. We were going to bring our Easter egg “A” game.

With two wide-eyed and confused children in tow, we set off for the grocery store to pick up standard egg dye pellets (dissolved with vinegar for vibrant colors, of course), some cheap white glue, glitter, and two dozen eggs. While I’m sure that the children thought I was crazy for taking them to the store to buy glitter and eggs, they played along and were thrilled with the afternoon’s festivities.

Tie-Dyed Eggs:
After hard-boiling our eggs, we wrapped six of them each in three rubber bands then allowed them to soak for a very long time in the cups of dye.

My children decided they wanted each egg to be only one color, but another option is to remove the rubber bands after the eggs are thoroughly dry and then place them for a shorter time in another color.

Glitter Eggs:

To make the glitter egg like my favorite one at the top of this post, dilute white glue with water until it becomes a consistency that is easily painted on to an egg with a paint brush, but not so thin that it runs off of the egg. If you paint too much glue on, the dye will run or even wash off, so be sure to remind your children not to be overzealous with the glue.

We used our paintbrushes to cover the entire egg and also create bands of glitter or smiley faces.

Now that we had this much fun with tie-dyed and glitter eggs, I’m not sure how to raise the bar next year! Ideas?

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