Friday Featured Giveaway: Home-Ec 101 – Skills for Everyday Living

Today’s giveaway is incredibly special to me because of my personal connection to the author of the book.  One of the most amazing parts of blogging is getting to watch your peers – your friends – find the kind of success you dreamed about as a child.  Let me introduce you to Heather Solos…

A year or so ago I had this great idea to bake a blueberry pie.  For some reason I was absolutely struck with the notion that I was Martha Stewart, so into the oven went a beautiful, overflowing with blueberries pie.  All went well…until I pulled the pie out of the oven and the gooey, melty blueberry goodness ran all over the inside of my oven door.  What does a girl do in a situation such as this?  Well, she tweets of course!  And along comes Heather Solos from Home-Ec 101 to my rescue recommending that I let it cool and then attack it with dish soap.  It worked!

Now Heather has written Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living so that even if you don’t tweet with her like I do, you can also benefit from her uncanny ability to know how to cook, clean, and fix anything. From information about removing the most stubborn of odors (teenage boys in your house?) to fixing those pesky nail pops in your drywall (apparently a poster is NOT the answer), Heather provides a valuable resource to be kept handy at all times.  In fact, I may need a second copy so that I can keep one upstairs near my stinky washing machine and another in the kitchen…in case I ever decide to bake another pie.

After having the chance to review Home-Ec 101, I also have to say that this book is the new perfect gift for a variety of occasions including:

  • Off to College: “Sharing Household Duties: One of you is bound to have a lower tolerance for mess and that person will end up with the lion’s share of chores unless boundaries are set.” – page 26
  • Bridal Shower: “Just one trip to the ER would pay for a whole slew of twenty-five dollar meat thermometers.  Make the investment…” – page 168
  • Baby Shower: “Laundry: The World’s Most Thankless Chore.” Just read the whole chapter…twice.

Ready to win?

One lucky Resourceful Mommy reader will win a copy of this cannot-do-without book.  To enter to win leave a comment to this post telling me why you need Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living. That’s it!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 and older and ends Friday, April 29th.  Product was provided for review and giveaway

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Written by: Amy

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  • What a fun giveaway~ I could really, really use this…as my cooking skills need help! My family would have to agree……

  • Now lets see…what area couldn’t use it! 😉

  • katklaw777

    It would be for my daughter…she just got her first apartment and could really use a wonderful book like this. Great giveaway, thanks!

  • Great article. I highly recommend following Heather on twitter. I don’t interact with her often but I read her stream! You are dead on with he advice. Thanks for the post.


  • Janneke M

    A) I never took Home Ec in school. B)I want to make my house happier — and my husband. Does she have organizing skills in here?!

  • Carol

    I love learning new ways to make my home a happier, cleaner and beautiful place! This book looks so fun and helpful, too! 2 at college … one could really use some advice (not from mom, of course) and one talking marriage! Talk about the endless gifting possibilities!

  • Ponia Baum

    I could use some help in all the areas!

  • yolanda

    I could really use some advice around the house while all are away at school and work I am a S.A.H.M. (stay at home mom of 2). The net has been my eyes and ears in the past, I’d really appreciate one location I could look to for my answers during the day. This resource would be a treasure to me. Thank you. Yolanda

  • Camilla Wilson

    To have a away to make housework @ cooking easier.

  • Mia

    With the death of my gram, my go-to-person on ALL things Home Ec, I could REALLY use the book Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living!

  • I need this book because I am Home-Ec illiterate. Just ask my mom!

  • Sara @Doodle741

    I need this book because my SISTER needs all the help she can get – I’d give it to her for her birthday! 😀

    Thanks for the chance!

  • JoeyfromSC

    I need this book because, although my mom taught me alot of home training lol, I feel sometimes like I need to brush up on my schools..Since I’m not raising my brothers anymore, I don’t have to work as hard at keeping house, meals, etc. lol

    Thank you for the chance!


  • Danielle Pontow

    I need that book.. Hubby works unbelievable hours and I could do a lot of projects to help him out… I really would love that!

  • I need it because my digital copy is not going to cut it! I want to be able to flip through the pages of this awesome book!

  • Katie E

    I think this would be great for my stay-at-home husband!

  • I could really use a Home Ec 101 book for both of my teenage daughters – one has got two years of HS left and she will off to college and they both could use some good basic Home Ec instruction and could pass along their gained knowledge to me – That would be awesome!!

  • Sandra

    1. Teenage son
    2. 4 year old s on
    3. Two puppies and two cats
    4. Grandbaby on the way (who will be living with us)

    Is that enough reasons yet? LOL! Looks like a GREAT book!!!

  • Oh I totally need this! I’m sure I’d reference it often!

  • I’m a disaster when it comes to cooking. I regularly set off the smoke detector due to inattention. Inattention and a glass cooktop are not a match made in heaven. My cooktop is technically clean, but has some in ground black stains from who knows what cooking disaster. I am sure Heather’s book will set me right.

  • While I call myself a domestic goddess I am not one in keeping the home organized and well beautiful. And it’s by Heather!

  • @lovinmomma

    I love how you painted the “pic” in your post. Totally feel I need this book! And so it seems who doesn’t need it? With all the great tips in there, I’m sure I have tons of learning to do and something to reference random and everyday problem solving without always googling. 🙂


  • Nancy

    I need this book because there are probably a number of basic Home Ec skills that I don’t even realize I don’t know! This book would be quite educational!

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