Holistic Health Fusion: Sure-Fire Way to Weight Loss for Busy Moms

Tomorrow night we will be chatting with Monica Meadows of Holistic Health Fusion about how to make a fresh start this spring, jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle.  Participants will have the opportunity to receive entry into a Holistic Health Fusion class at a 50% off, special discounted price.  This class will prepare members to spring into summer feeling happy, healthy, and hot!  The three month interactive teleclass, which can be reached via the internet or phone, will also be accessible to members via recording for those who cannot attend the class in real time.  Along with the class, members will receive access to a forum where they will find encouragement and support from other members as well as access to recordings and other materials.

The topics that will be covered in the class will include, but are not limited to:

–          Staying healthy in a hectic lifestyle

–          What it means to eat naturally

–          How to eat the things you love without destroying your health and body

–          Making exercise fun

–          Healthy and permanent weight-loss

–          How to get your kids to enjoy eating healthy

–          Healthy cooking made easier

–          Foods you must have, foods you may have, and foods to avoid

–          Boosting immunity and increasing energy

Join us tomorrow for the Holistic Health Fusion Twitter Party with special guests Whole Foods and celebrity chef, Joshua Stokes, to learn more and get started on your healthy journey!

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