Hey Look! I’m Naked!

So today a potential client sent me this email that went something like this: “We want to send someone your client kit, but we don’t want to send them a PDF. Can you send us a link to it online?”

And I was all like, “DUDE. I don’t want that ONLINE.  No one wants to talk about….numbers.  **whispering** That’s private.”

But thankfully I know lots of wonderful bloggers who help me with things like this and one of them told me about this awesome “publish privately password protected thing” on WordPress, so I created my client kit on my site, published it privately so I could play with it, then set it up as a password protected page.

Because OMG, I don’t want anyone to get my STUFF.

And then Feedburner sent it out to all of you. That’s right, my SHHH! don’t tell client kit for clients (you know, the ones who give my readers stuff and help pay my mortgage) went out to 1,061 email inboxes.

Now I’ve had this sort of thing happen before.  I’ve accidentally sent the “I hate that jerk!” email to the ex-boyfriend instead of the best friend.  In fact, it’s a running gag around these parts that I’ve got the luck of Job.  Just last weekend we went to Outback and they brought my burger and fries out without the….wait for it…burger. Who does that happen to?  ME.

So it should come as no surprise that Feedburner published my password protected client kit and sent it out to everyone in the world.  Okay, so 1,000 or so of you.

Hey look! I’m naked!

And this is why I don’t play the lottery…

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  • I love you. You are the classiest of all classy gals.

    • Amy

      The classiest of all NAKED gals or gals in general?

  • LOL..I know you were dying!! but, what I love about you is that you know how to find the humor in awkward or bad situations!

    Someone who did NOT read the subscriber newsletter(shhh..I may have peeked haha)

  • Not to freak you out even more, but 1,948 of us saw you naked ROFL:) I am not even blinded hahaha

  • Oh(I always forget something) about the accidentally sending the I hate that jerk emails..I love that gmail has an “UNDO” lol-I think you have only 5 seconds, but it has saved me MANY a time lol

    WOW about the burger snafu lol

  • It’s your business. I get that and I am sure the others do to. Oops do happen. But I would be a happier person knowing that you get paid for what you do. Love ya!

  • OMG – so sorry that happened. Next time chat with me. I know a webmaster who can hook you up with putting it on a secure spot on a server for someone to access without something like this (Psst his name is one you are familiar with). I think we need to go to Disney World NOW!

    • Amy

      On the first flight out. Join me?

  • your makeup is lovely, but I would have gone with a slightly lighter shade of nude…

    love ya!

    • Amy

      Noted. Will improve for the next naked photo shoot.

  • Sara @Doodle741

    LOL! I got your email and thought “What IS all of this?!” I skimmed the other 2 topics and it was deleted! You don’t have to worry about me spilling the beans on your numbers!

  • So this is how I have to find out I’m subscribed to every other newsletter/site of yours BUT this one?! 😉

    • Amy

      Well sign the heck up! There are naked girls!

  • Dude, you’re naked!

  • Being naked totally trumps password protected client kits.

  • Oh Amy you are so hilarious! I’m SO sorry that happened ~ and yes you really are quite naked from the shoulders up ~ danger girl after all =)

  • Ouch. Let’s just call this the beginning of the transparent phase of blogging. You’re a trend setter.

    • Amy

      There you go! Transparent, naked blogging.

  • I saw that, and almost commented, but I figured you’d deleted it already and didn’t really need the heads-up. I’ve gotta say, though, that’s a pretty awesome bunch of numbers you’ve got there. If you’ve gotta be naked, at least you look *good* naked. LOL

    • Amy

      I did just say the other day that mine are real and they’re fabulous. Just big enough to be worth the investment, but not so big that they have that fake feel. I didn’t mean to make it so clear that that was the case…

  • I have done something similar before. In the end, the people who love you will love you regardless. 🙂 And can I just say, I love Cindy’s comment above??

  • Can I ask a stupid question… don’t they still need a password to access it… although I can see you not wanting to broadcast it… no one can actually access without a password.
    If it makes you feel better… My newsletter goes out with, or without my touch every Friday morning… and there is nothing fun about realizing last weeks went out… again!

    • Amy

      Nope, Tania, I emailed 1061 people the full contents of my client kit.

  • Hottest nekkid mama I know! 🙂

  • Also, you and your numbers rock. Honestly, you can hold your head high. You are worth every penny and more!

  • I am clueless when it comes to anything technical, so this is all greek to me. If I had received it in my email, it wouldn’t have meant a thing to me. Hopefully, many of those people who got it don’t understand it either.


  • I confess I peaked. I you know what? You’re numbers are hot.

  • Oh man I got that this morning and I was like … “did she really just publish her media kit?” Don’t feel bad, we all have oopsies.

  • Gena

    Amy this is why we love you. You are still amazing.

    Ps can I have fries with that?

  • I wondered when I saw it…. but thought well, she does advocate transparency 🙂

    A ((hug)) for the feeling of “oh, cr_p” and a pat on the back for admitting it was a mistake!

  • Oh what fun, you’ll now have all the porn bots after your hot, naked photo buzz. And you thought you had troubles yesterday. At least you’re a well paid nude blogger. Nothing cheap about you 🙂 Following your brand and really branching out. Own it, working girl. Advantage: Amy.

  • I was wondering why you sent your Media Kit,Oh well it happens

  • Aw Amy, I’m sorry, that happened, but so glad you’re taking it so well. the post title made me giggle.

  • Just look at it this way, it’s not like you’ve got anything to hide! You work hard for those numbers:)