Hey Look! I’m Naked!

So today a potential client sent me this email that went something like this: “We want to send someone your client kit, but we don’t want to send them a PDF. Can you send us a link to it online?”

And I was all like, “DUDE. I don’t want that ONLINE.  No one wants to talk about….numbers.  **whispering** That’s private.”

But thankfully I know lots of wonderful bloggers who help me with things like this and one of them told me about this awesome “publish privately password protected thing” on WordPress, so I created my client kit on my site, published it privately so I could play with it, then set it up as a password protected page.

Because OMG, I don’t want anyone to get my STUFF.

And then Feedburner sent it out to all of you. That’s right, my SHHH! don’t tell client kit for clients (you know, the ones who give my readers stuff and help pay my mortgage) went out to 1,061 email inboxes.

Now I’ve had this sort of thing happen before.  I’ve accidentally sent the “I hate that jerk!” email to the ex-boyfriend instead of the best friend.  In fact, it’s a running gag around these parts that I’ve got the luck of Job.  Just last weekend we went to Outback and they brought my burger and fries out without the….wait for it…burger. Who does that happen to?  ME.

So it should come as no surprise that Feedburner published my password protected client kit and sent it out to everyone in the world.  Okay, so 1,000 or so of you.

Hey look! I’m naked!

And this is why I don’t play the lottery…

Written by: Amy

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