Help Prepare Your Kids for Back to School Schedules

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It seems it was only a few short weeks ago I was talking about how to keep our teens occupied over summer vacation, nervous about the lazy weeks ahead with so much time on their hands. Yet, here we are, prepping them to head back to school already. Time sure flies! The older they get, the faster each year passes.

The transition from summer vacation into a new school year can be pretty overwhelming for our kids. Their relaxed, carefree days will come to an abrupt end as they’re replaced with hectic schedules and homework. We all went through it, and they will definitely survive, but putting in a little preparation will help set them up for success and make that transition go more smoothly.

Here are a few tips we’ve implemented over the past few years to help us all gear up for going back to school!

We begin implementing these tips a couple weeks before school starts to help our family get acclimated to the change in schedule. Personally, I’m excited to get back to a routine.

1. Review School Materials

Before you step foot in a store to begin your back to school shopping, be sure to review the school materials you received over summer vacation. If you’re anything like me, you waited as long as you could to open your summer packet. It’s time to pull it out and make note of upcoming meetings, events, and deadlines.

2. Create a Homework Station

This is something new we’re trying this year. It never fails that we lack the tools necessary to get the job done, sharpened pencils, erasers, poster board, glue, etc. So, this fall we are preparing in advance by stocking up on school supplies at home and keeping them in a place where they can be easily located.

3. Shop for School Supplies Together

Our boys are not anticipating their return to school as enthusiastically as I am. They are dreading the earlier mornings, days spent in a classroom, and evenings filled to the brim with homework and sports obligations. Help them get excited about returning to school by including them in back to school shopping. Let them pick out school supplies that they look forward to using.

4. Organize Clothes & Supplies

It’s easy to let stuff pile up around us if we aren’t diligent in putting things away as we finish using them. By the end of summer, the boy’s bedrooms have collected all the toys, sports equipment, and missing socks we find laying around the house. They will feel much more prepared if we work together to organize their closet, dresser, and desk prior to the first day of school.

5. Get Back to Your Sleep Schedule

When the boys were younger, we stuck to a bedtime routine almost year round. But, now that they’re in their teens, my husband and I are often in bed and sleeping hours before them. A few weeks before school begins, we start implementing earlier bedtimes and rise times to help them adjust to the upcoming change in schedule.

6. Re-establish School Routines

Sometimes we forget that our bellies have developed their own routine over the lackadaisical summer months. Resuming an eating schedule similar to the one they will have once back in school will help them get through the day feeling nourished and prepared to concentrate.

7. Unplug

You guys, let’s face it. They are all addicted to FORTNITE. I’m genuinely afraid of what the effects of quitting cold turkey will look like. I know from my own cell phone addiction that they will feel a real withdrawal when school-year gaming rules are reestablished. We can help them feel less lost by dialing back on video games now, at least until they come up with a patch for that.

Each new year brings new adventures. I hope you all have a great start to the new school year and enjoy watching your children grow and learn.

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Written by: Guest blogger - Amy Powell

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