#HelloAio Tweet-A-thon Twitter Party


What’s better than tweeting?  How about tweeting for a cause!  Between now and November 14th, Aio Wireless is donating $1 per tweet in the #HelloAio hashtag to Homeboy Industries.  Please join us as we chat about using technology in our job searches as well as the people around us who helped us along the way.  We’ll also be awarding some incredible gift cards to help party participants take the next step towards their own goals!  I hope to see you at the…

#HelloAio Tweet-A-thon Twitter Party

When: Tuesday, November 5th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #HelloAio

How: To participate, follow sponsor @aiowireless, special guest @HomeboyInd, and host @ResourcefulMom.


2 (two) Grand Prize winners will each receive a $100 gift card

16 (sixteen) winners will each receive a $50 gift card

This giveaway is available to U.S. residents age 18 and older.



aiowirelessAbout Aio Wireless

Aio offers a first-class nationwide wireless experience with no annual contract. We offer 3 simple plans with unlimited talk, text, and data with taxes and fees included. In addition to offering a variety of basic and smartphones, Aio customers can bring the phone they love to our network. This flexibility allows customers to do wireless their own way.

homeboyAbout Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries helps the formerly gang involved and the previously incarcerated, by offering hope, training and job skills. Their goal:  To help former gang members redirect their lives and become contributing members of their families and our community.  Homeboy Industries is the largest gang intervention program in the nation and has become a model for other organizations and cities.

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  • Sherry Fowler

    RSVP @fowler121600

  • Stephanie Ford-Smith

    Yay! Love Tweeting for a cause xo,

  • Looking forward to learning all about AIO Wireless during the chat.

  • sounds interesting to learn about this company

  • This sounds like a wonderful cause. It is nice to see that there are organizations that give people a second chance. We need more of this in our world.

  • Sarah Simpson

    So excited for the party!!!

  • rsvp @chipmunkk51691

  • @tringali_julie

    Thanks so much for letting me join the party! @ResourcefulMom sure knows how to throw an awesome party! Still waiting on the pics of her kids from Halloween.

  • Awesome way to give back Homeboys! @eseattlemama

  • Lori Leal

    Can’t wait to tweet for this cause! 🙂 RSVP @LoriLeal1

  • RSVP Rushell Tuggle #RushellTuggle Can’t wait for this party!

  • Joe @juliasdaddy

    This sounds like a great program. I work as a reading intervention teacher at a title 1 school and we have programs that help parents who don’t have resources available to them or are lost and need direction, interested in finding out more about both companies, AIO and Homeboy Industries.


  • Gette

    Tweeting for a great cause. Wow I love this idea!

  • Jose D

    Would love to hear more aboyt the cause (sounds great) and aio. My phone just dies last week

  • Sue Barney

    RSVP me plz @cubbiecutie1

  • Nicole Strunk

    @nikle714 RSVP

  • couponmacey

    Awesome, Tweeting for a cause!

  • April

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  • Julie

    I’ll be there tweeting for a cause @bouz76

  • Lara N

    Looking forward to learning more about this great cause tonight!

  • @ArmyWifeHooahhh

    Will see you tonight! Love chatting for a good cause

  • Jennifer L.

    I hope to be able to attend, but I will be retweeting when I can.

  • Jennifer Essad

    thanks for the invite @4jlessad can’t wait to chat

  • jessica june hughes


  • Melissa Cawthorne

    RSVP @mhappynow Looking forward to the Party and Tweeting For Homeboys $$$$

  • @mommylife23

    I’ll be there! @mommylife23

  • #HelloAio I’m following all! @aiowireless @HomeboyInd @ResourcefulMom.
    #HelloAio RSVP @KatM21

  • Suzan M.

    RSVP @SueMars1 – This sounds like a fun party and I love that it also helps a great cause!

  • Leslie W

    Can’t wait to tweet with everyone!

  • Looked @ the Homeboy organization’s website…great cause =) RSVP’d above!

  • rachel travis

    Looking forward to it!

  • @McK3lly

    yay! I am so excited for tonight! It’s going to be fun!

  • RSVP @thiscantbereal thank you!!

  • Cheryl

    Thank you!

  • Can’t wait ! See ya’ll there 🙂

  • Donna W.

    Excited to attend rsvp @disneymom917

  • beth titus

    Will be there @beth_titus

  • @jennyandbeast

    Looking forward to the party! Great prizes and lots of chances to win!

  • bluejays_m

    See you at the tweetup!

  • Super excited to join in! @frm1mom2another 🙂

  • RSVP @nikkibecker73

  • Susan Vanhoose


  • saminder gumer

    sorry i am late, but i hope to have fun at the chat

  • Evie Sells

    I’m late to the party but here…

  • reyna saenz

    RSVP @RSaenz81

  • This is a great thing that you are doing. You have our support. 🙂

  • RSVP @azsurferchica