Hayneedle.com Twitter Party with Mamavation

It’s time for another Twitter Party with Leah (@Bookieboo) and the Mamavation Mamas.  Please check out Leah’s invitation below and be sure to enter to win for your chance to take home a treadmill!!  Good luck and tweet you there.

Hayneedle is hosting a special twitter party on March 3rd from 8-10pm EST with the Mamavation community and giving away a treadmill.

No really. A treadmill.

And a bunch of other great fitness prizes like running watches, inversion tables, weight sets, mini-steppers and much more.

And what if you don’t win a treadmill at this party? There will be ANOTHER chance to win a treadmill based on the content you create after the party. Details will be announced during the party.

Who: Hayneedle.com

When: March 3rd from 8-10pm EST

Theme: Your Fitness Plans–Fitness Products at Hayneedle.com

What is the hashtag?: #hayneedle

What the heck is a twitter party? Click here for that answer.

Giveaways (Sorry, US only):

1. GRAND PRIZE: Horizon Fitness T 100 Treadmill, (1 winner)

2. Running Watch: Polar RS300X, (1 winner)

3. Jillian Michaels 25 lbs. Speed Weight Set, (1 winner)

4. Inversion Table: Teeter Hang Ups, (1 winner)

5. Stick-e Forever Young Yoga Bundle, (1 winner)

6. Balance Ball Chair with Pump, (1 winner)

7. Denise Austin Mini Stepper, ( 1 winner)

Panelist that Rock:

1. @Bookieboo–Hostess with the Mostest…is that even a word?

2. @Resourcefulmom–Co-host, Domestic Goddess of Giveaways

3. @LoriShemek–Panelist

4. @Fitcheerldr–Panelist

5. @Priorfatgirl–Panelist

6. @mrsmetaphor–Panelist

7. @purenaturaldiva–Panelist

8. @mrsfatass–Panelist

(more to come…)

How to Enter: http://www.mamavation.com/2011/02/want-a-treadmill-win-one-from-hayneedle.html

Written by: Amy

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