Happy Father’s Day

I’m a little late in writing this post, seeing how there are only two hours left in Father’s Day, but I thought it was still important to say Happy Father’s Day to the Resourceful Daddies in my life.
These pictures epitomize my dad. While waiting to ride Cinderella’s Carousel at Walt Disney World last December, my then four year old daughter and I decided to try to take a picture of ourselves. While scrolling through to see if we got a good shot, I noticed this goofy man in the background trying to get into our photo!

Here he is again, this time waving…

So I decided to turn around and give him his own picture…that’s my dad. 🙂

And with the bar set so high by my own dad, I knew the importance of marrying a man who would some day be a good father to our children. There is no doubt that I succeeded. This is my husband playing with our children and my friend Shannan’s kids (From Cribs to Carkeys) so that we could just relax and chat. What a great daddy and wonderful husband.

Happy Father’s Day!

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