Happiest City for Families Announcement!

Last month I wrote about the Happiest City for Families contest that McDonald’s was running as part of the 30th birthday celebration for the McDonald’s Happy Meal. While walking the Expo floor at BlogHer I came across the McDonald’s booth and was happy to find out not only which city won the contest, but also what Happy Meal Toys will be used to celebrate the big 3-0!

Congratulations to Minneapolis, Minn.! You are the Happiest City for Families! I was so pleased to see that both Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD, made the top 10 list because I am situated cozily between those two great cities.

And which toy was chosen to celebrate all of the toys that surprised children over the last 30 years? The Ty Teenie Beanie Babies are back! My personal favorite is Grimace, that purple fella’ from my own childhood, but they are all lovable and available until August 13th.

Written by: Amy

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