Hallmark Text Bands Giveaway

It should come as no surprise that my kids love technical gadgets.  While at eight and six they have not begun to ask for smart phones, they are very aware of features such as texting.  My son asks me who has sent me a message when he hears my phone chirp, and my daughter asks me to use my phone to text things to my husband from time to time.

When I heard about Text Bands from Hallmark, I knew immediately that my kids would love them – and I was right.  Text Bands allow kids to create a message on what looks like a wrist watch then share that message with a friends’ Text Band by high fiving, fist bumping, shaking hands, or tapping devices.  I explained to my kids how the Text Bands work, but they were still shocked when “Hello” moved from Emma’s wrist to Noah’s after a fist bump.

Since then my daughter has occasionally worn her Text Bands around the house just for fun, even when Noah isn’t interested in playing along.  She also loves to write messages and show me on her wrist just like she was sharing the time.

Enter to Win

Ready to try Text Bands in your home?

Two lucky Resourceful Mommy readers will each receive a Text Bands Starter Kit!  To enter to win please leave a comment telling me what you think your child will “text” first with their new Text Bands from Hallmark!

This giveaway ends Friday, September 21st at 11:59 p.m. ET.  Product was provided for review and giveaway. No other compensation was provided.

Written by: Amy

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