Gross Anatomy (of a Giveaway)

I receive many, many e-mails, but the most popular theme is…

When will my bike/apron/toy/money/food/bright shiny new car arrive?

I recently surveyed Twitter users to find out how long they expect between their “win” and receipt of the prize. The general consensus is that they don’t start to become concerned or complain until it hits the 6 to 8 week mark. So take heart.

As (I believe) any blogger will tell you, running giveaways is both a blessing…and a burden. There are many places along the way where glitches can slow the process down, and it isn’t always the fault of the unpaid blogger who is taking a long time because of her day job (parenting her children). At the end of the day, running giveaways is clearly worth the fun or they’d disappear right off the bloggy map. But with that said, here’s a little look at just how complicated the process can be, and how many ways there are to slow down the works…


Written by: Amy

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