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I have a confession: I have fallen behind in getting prizes out to winners lately due partly to my kids being home from school for the summer (despite my hopes, it turns out that you cannot teach a three year old to use, but due in large part to the time it takes to track down winners’ addresses. I do not close out contests and get addresses to vendors until I have every winner’s information. This is for my own sanity and organizational purposes, but I understand that it is driving vendors and winners a little crazy.
So I now have a new procedure for winners of both Resourceful Mommy giveaways and SiteWarming prizes!
If your name is drawn to receive a prize, I will e-mail you a secure Google Form that looks similar to this:

If the winner does not fill out the form within 7 days of being contacted, a new winner will be chosen immediately. This is necessary to keep both the winners and vendors happy and coming back for more.

I have also received requests from some readers to post the winners’ information. I used to do this in the early days of SiteWarmings and was advised by a very respected peer to not do that for privacy reasons. However, I know that people like to know! So I have decided that in the case of large giveaways such as the Schwinn giveaway used in the example above, I will do my best to discreetly list the winners in a way that does not invite trolls.

Rest assured that if you won a prize, I have contacted you. Unless of course you won in the lost four weeks….and then if my 5 year old didn’t figure out how to read, you’re probably still owed an e-mail…

Thanks for hanging in there, and keep hope alive. The babysitter starts in July. 🙂

Written by: Amy

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