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This Contest Has Now Ended. Thank You For Your Participation!

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This Friday the 23rd from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST we will be SiteWarming a wonderful new site called Crafty Nation on Twitter (hashtag #crafty)! What better way to celebrate a new home for all things creative than to give away prizes made, invented, or written by creative women.
There are many ways to enter, there will be eighteen lucky winners, and you have until 1/24/09 at 8:00 p.m. EST to complete your entries. NEW END DATE!
(in order to give party-goers a chance to enter the party contest, the deadline has been moved from Friday at 8:00 to Saturday at 8:00)
Step One: To enter this contest you must first become a member of Crafty Nation, a wonderful home for crafters to meet, share, and be crafty together! Registering is quick, easy, and free! Those of you who sell your products may be especially interested in some of Crafty Nation’s features that I will describe in a later post, but for anyone interested in crafts from scrapbooking to knitting to origami, Crafty Nation is the place for you!
Step Two: Fill out this secure form to let me know that you have registered at Crafty Nation and are ready to win a prize!
Step Three: Continue to enter….That’s right, there are more ways to win. Please fill out a form each time you enter to ensure that you have more chances to win!
Other Ways to Win:
  • Tweet this contest: Grab the link to this post and tweet about it on Twitter.
  • Blog about this contest: Tell your readers about this great opportunity to win prizes and enjoy a unique, new site that creates an interactive community for crafters online! Be sure to pass on the link to your site when you fill out the entry form.
  • Invite a friend: After you register at Crafty Nation, get a friend to register with you and let me know about it here!
  • Create or join a Crafty Nation Group: Find a group at Crafty Nation that fits your crafting style or create your own, then come back here and let me know that you get another entry!
  • Join the SiteWarming Party-Goers Facebook Group: Head over to Facebook and join the SiteWarming Party-Goers group. Once there you’ll find out how to earn more entries for this and future giveaways.

Enter Here:

And now for this party’s exciting Goody Bag prizes!
1. Prize Basket from Milkshake – CD Play, DVD ScreenPlay, new Milkshake comic book: My family first fell in love with the music of Milkshake when we heard Scared on Noggin’s “Move to the Music” and Jack’s Big Music Show. Since then we’ve been hooked and are excited about their latest CD, Play. There’s nothing better than music created specifically for our children that we can also rock out to, which is exactly how I would describe every tune from Milkshake. Lead singer Lisa is a creative mama herself, and she definitely appreciates the superhero mom in all of us. To stay on top of the group’s latest endeavors, join their Milkshake Facebook group!

2. Handmade Gift Basket from Momma Made: If you’re like me, then you understand the importance of supporting mom-made products and mom-owned businesses. Owner Dwan Perrin has taken this to a whole new level with her new store Momma Made, where every product has been handmade by mothers. You can enter to win this fabulous three piece gift set that includes a handmade soap bar, handmade lotion and handmade bath salts. The lotion and bath salts are a brand new addition to the store and can only be won from this giveaway! Dwan’s store also includes spa items, handmade greeting cards, children’s items, journals, and more. And be sure to keep coming back as she begins to add beautiful jewelry pieces as well.

3. Kubit2Me – Lil’ Scholars Edition and Truth or Dare (two winners): Those of you who read Resourceful Mommy regularly know that I am a huge fan of the mom-invented game, Kubit2Me. My 2.5 year old and nearly 5 year old daughter both enjoy the Lil’ Scholars edition and have come up with endless ways to use the cube and cards to have educational, family fun. In fact, they enjoy tossing the game cube back and forth while playing so much, that my son once accidentally yelled, “Kubit 2 me!” while throwing me a ball. The Truth or Dare version of the game is a hilarious, honest, and revolutionary twist on a party favorite! This Kubit2Me was created by girls and for girls and fills a void in the tween/teen market by providing girls a fun and silly way to communicate openly and honestly and make responsible choices. And all girls will love scoring points in this game, because players wear their points – glitter bracelets!

4. Notecards and Correspondence Cards from Beehive Press This adorable set of eight notecards and fifteen correspondence cards featuring a cute bunny retail for $36 and make a wonderful addition to any crafter’s home! The Beehive Press is the online home for sticky sweet stationary for all occasions and features a variety of beautiful products. Created by Holly on her journey to save the art form of communication, Beehive Press has something for everyone from greeting cards to stationary.

5. Coloring Kits from My Coloring Thing (five winners!): My Coloring Thing was programmed by a mom whose son kept wanting to use the computer. Afraid that he would delete all of her files, she started creating computer games to keep him occupied while also locking him out of the computer. My Coloring Thing is the first in a series of games that will be launched this year. Currently there are coloring kits with the following themes: Ballet, Superheroes, Zoo Animals, Musical Instruments and Tomboys. There is also an upcoming coloring kit focusing on the emotions kids feel. Each coloring kit has ten images, ten songs that match the images, and ten fun facts about what you see in the images. You can color on the computer or print them out and color off of the computer. Either way, it’s tons of fun! Zoo Animals, Musical Instruments, and the upcoming Emotions Coloring Kits have musical scores composed and conducted by Broadway’s Michael Valenti who also composes the music for the Big Apple Circus. Superheros and Tomboys have fun progressive rock tracks, and Ballet has classical music.

6. gro-pak(trademark) by BlueAvocado – one full kit: Many of us use this first month of the new year to re-evaluate our lives and lifestyles. If you are like me, then you are planning on taking more steps toward green living in 2009. Recently BlueAvocado, an Austin based company that helps people to take the first step on their “green” journey, launched the gro-pak, an eco-chic system of sustainable and reusable grocery bags (patent pending). All bags are responsibly manufactured with recycled material and a carbon footprint label. My favorite product in the kit is the “pod,” which is described as a stuff n’ go bag – that surely describes the lifestyle of many moms! By using the gro-pak, an average shopper can replace up to 1,000 plastic bags every year. BlueAvocado is committed to making this planet lighter by reducing CO2 emissions and making our communities stronger by investing 1% of their income in hundreds of micro-entrepreneurs around the world.

7. Baby Potential t-shirts/onesies (three winners): The folks at Baby Potential believe that with love, education and community support, every baby has the potential to grow into a productive adult and achieve career success – regardless of gender, race, or socio economic status. The Baby Potential line provides a means for spreading that message, while at the same time giving parents and gift-givers a unique option for baby apparel. Also, Baby Potential donates a portion of their profits to support various community outreach and educational programs. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out their Baby Potential Blog and follow them on Twitter! Three winners will win one of the following great shirts: a Doctor onesie size 3 to 6 months, a Veterinarian tee size 12 to 18 months, and a Rocket Scientist tee size 3T.

8. $25 Craft Bundle from You Can Make This: Whether you’re an experienced crafter or seamstress or if you’re just starting out on your creative journey, there is something for you to make and enjoy at You Can Make This. You Can Make This is the home on the internet for downloadable crafting patterns and instructions that you, yes you!, can actually make at home. The products range from adorable hats for children to quilting to online scrapbooking. If you’re like me and your sewing machine is always sitting out just waiting for the next project, then you’ve got to check out this site. The options for great new projects are endless.
New Prize! 9. Francie Pants (three winners): They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this mother’s story is no different. In her own words, here is the tale of how Francie Pants were invented.
“When my daughters were in preschool they went through the “princess panties” phase. Newly potty trained and enamored of all things pink and twirly, they only wanted to wear dresses, and loved to show everyone their “big girl panties”. I once observed my younger daughter at circle time, through the parent window. She was rolling around on the mat, giving new meaning to the phrase “belle du jour”. She’s a beauty. I felt beastly!

My youngest was oblivious, but my older daughter was more sensitive. Although she loved to wear skirts and dresses, she did not want to wear them to school and risk being teased at PE or when she played outside at recess. She’d only had to hear “I see London, I see France” once or twice to make her sit on the bench in her skirts.
Sure I could have put a pair of boring itchy bike shorts on my girls but I thought, there has to be a better way! They were proud of their princess panties and I wanted to create another garment that they would love, that would show their personality, without compromising propriety or getting them teased. So we came up with fun, patterned short -shorts that are soft, comfy and have that “barely there” feeling.
Francie pants Shorts are a sassy yet modest way for girls to express who they are, without shame or hesitation. They’re free to twirl, do a handstand or a high kick, because we’ve got them covered! In our world no-one needs to fear a silly rhyme. Which is why we came up with our own motto. We say: “Show em London, Show em…Francie Pants!” I am a mom who dove into the fashion and manufacturing world without a lot of money, and literally no experience. But I had a product that solved a perennial problem. The amazing support from my friends and customers has kept me going through the good times and the bad. Some of our best supporters are the girls who wear the shorts. I am constantly told by parents that they need more pairs because they end up digging the shorts out of the laundry – their daughters want to wear them every day! This tells me I am doing something right!”
Learn more about Francie Pants on their site, check out Francie Pants pictures on Flickr at francie_pants, and follow them on Twitter.
New Prize! 10. Origami Butterfly Strand by round house designs: My good friend Lisa has taken her incredible talent and turned it into a range of artistic commodities from jewelry to origami desk mobiles! She has donated a unique wall hanging, designed by stringing seven origami butterflies with a double strand of durable embroidery floss. The butterflies were folded from matching pastel papers, but the overall feeling of this string is pink. The origami paper is thick and soft – it looks more like fabric with relaxed creases and it has the appearance of cotton’s softness. The string is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to hold. At the left and right ends of the string, are hand-made “S” shaped rings of metal and two yellow limestone beads. The entire string measures 50″ and each butterfly measures approximately 3″ across. This is the perfect gift for a baby or child, but is sophisticated enough for any location. For a comparatively low price, it is well designed and catches the eye. It is sold on for only $22.50. But it is available to one lucky winner Friday night! Have you entered yet?
New Prize! Two Beautiful Dresses by Prairie Mama (two winners): Visit Praire Mama’s beautiful Etsy shop where she sells the creative items that she loves to sew and knit for little ones. Don’t see what you need? Talk to her about your ideas – she takes custom orders!
New Prize! iHOOT or iPIG (winner’s choice) by Bunnyninja: Bunnyninja features unique gifts for babies, kids, and the kid in you. All items are completely handmade and unique. Claire from Bunnyninja does not use patterns to create her knitted friends, so you know you’re purchasing a one-of-a-kind item. She instead loves to challenge herself to envision and create. Bunnyninja welcomes custom orders and Claire suggests that you might also like to take a peek at the store’s sold items. Please contact Claire and she will work with you to bring your vision to life.
New Prize! Two Month Subscription to Christy’s Craft Challenge at The winner of this prize will be sent Christy’s Craft Challenge supplies for February and March ($10 value). Each month, a manila envelope (or box-depending on the supplies) will include various craft supplies. Instructions on how to complete the challenge will also be included. You can then participate in our monthly challenge contest where you have opportunities to win prizes. Using the items provided and whatever other craft supplies you have on hand, you make your own creation to submit to before the deadline.If you don’t win this giveaway but would still like to participate in the monthly challenge, there are a few more February spots open. Those will be available for sale until Jan 30th.
Written by: Amy

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