I’ve always liked hanging out with guys.  Guys – most of them – are easy.  What you see is what you get.  They like to do fun things like throw pop-its at each other (you know, those little fireworks that make a snap sound when they hit the ground…or your head), play town chase, ride bikes and four-wheelers.  I’ve always had girls in my life, but they often seemed to be as much a source of drama as they were a source of friendship.  There were those horrible slam books in elementary school, the I’m-not-inviting-her-to-my-party parties, the backstabbing, the boyfriend stealing, the general nastiness.  Guys don’t do those sorts of things.  They have Madden to play and drama is just an unnecessary distraction.

But over the last few years I have come to realize the power of being a part of a strong group of girlfriends. Yes, there is still the occasional drama. The slam books are gone because now there is social media and texting.  But for the most part, investing time in close friendships has created this cocoon of joy and support around me that I never imagined outside of my family.  I have a circle of women on Skype that help keep me spiritually grounded and my heart happy.  We laugh together, we pray together, we cry together.  I am trying to make more time for my local friends because there is nothing more relaxing than just being with the people who make your life full.  There is even a group of friends who sing Disney songs with me on Twitter to start our work days and when I’m next to them in person, I feel just as at home as when I’m sitting next to family at Christmas dinner. And I have a large group of social media peers in a Facebook group who will not only tell me when a contract needs to be revised, but will do what they did today.

I’m feeling sick from some horrible elementary school plague and when I declared today Favorite Tee and Hoodie Day, they uploaded pics one after another of themselves wearing hoodies.

I still love my guy friends.  But come on.  Only girlfriends would do that for me.

Love you all!

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  • Thanks for the link. Also, you are welcome at my house for wine and wii and ice cream any time. Or just wine.

  • Yep. Only girlfriends will do sometimes. 🙂

  • Love. Love. LOVE. Feel better soon.

  • Aww…had I known, I’d have been in on the hoodie action. I think some sort of plague is trying to bring me down and this would be perfect attire. Feel better! I’m with you on this. It’s only recently that I’ve found the beauty in having female friends.

    • Jump in and grab a hoodie now! We’re tweeting with the tag #hoodieday all day 🙂

  • ghostfighter0506

    Great blog post! Thanks for sharing. | 😛

  • Nothing like the joy that a only a girlfriend can bring ~ you bless my world by being such a treasured one of mine =) Feel better friend! ps…you realize that wearing the hoodie up puts the guy spin on things right? -)

  • I love you! That is all 🙂

  • Girlfirends are awesome and seems like you have a great group of them. 🙂

  • Feel better and remember I will sing you the Sheldon song whenever you need it. Former teachers, Disney fans, and geeks unite!

  • This was a great blog post and I totally relate to what you said. Sorry I couldn’t join in the hoodie movement. Sitting in my office today (with my hoodie) and reflecting on the power of having friends near and afar. Feel better!