Gift Organization with Gift Elephant

In February I threw my daughter a fun Pinakalicious 5th birthday party and really felt like I was organized. I bought the thank you cards at the same time as the invitations, and I actually sat down and wrote each and every thank you at the end of the party.

They’re still sitting on my desk.

It’s not that I don’t want to follow through on little mom tasks such as sending thank yous, it’s just that the idea of finding those 8 addresses and adding the stamps never becomes a priority for me.

So I’m trying Gift Elephant.

I found out about Gift Elephant when the site’s co-creator Jordana e-mailed me. I receive many e-mail requests asking me to try out services/products to then share with my readers, but I usually pass because the product isn’t appropriate or just doesn’t seem very useful. But Gift Elephant seems downright resourceful! This free site helps you:
  • Keep track of gifts given
  • Remember who gave you what
  • Jot down gift ideas
  • Set up reminders for any gift-giving occasions
  • Manage thank you notes you haven’t sent !!!!
  • Mail customized postcards through the site. Users can upload a photo and write a personalized message and they will print, stamp, and mail it for you!

I’m going to give this a try. Maybe by Emma’s next birthday I will actually remember to thank everyone for gifts. And if not, my Gift Elephant will remind me.

Written by: Amy

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