George Foreman KnockOut Twitter Party

It’s time for another Mamavational Twitter Party with Leah from @Bookieboo!  I’ll be your Twitter Oprah for the night handing out fun prizes, so I hope to tweet you there!

Three months ago, 10 bloggers set out to change the lives of their families and documented the journey each week. The most significant change was the addition of aGeorge Foreman grill and the agreement to use it at least 5 days each week. Each week as the girls checked in we saw losses in both weight and inches.

The George Foreman Grill can remove up to 42% fat from quarter pound burgers made from 80/20 ground beef. In fact, after cooked on the George Foreman grill each patty is only 89 calories a piece. And it doesn’t stop there, we often think of grilling hamburgers or steaks, especially in the summer, but creativity prevailed as the girls discovered you could also grill breakfastlasagna, and even desert for a healthy, quick meal that the entire family would love.

We also learned that the George Foreman Grill made quick work of dinner – in many cases, helping these busy moms get dinner on the table in around 5 minutes.  That’s faster than you could get through a drive-thru and definitely a healthier alternative!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this video of the fat collected from making dinner for a family of 4.  That’s fat that went into the trash and NOT into our family’s bodies.


The 10 bloggers that participated in the Knock Out the Fat George Foreman Challenge lost a total of 115 lbs and 94.45 inches!


While the official Knockout the Fat Challenge is over, the journey never ends!  Join us on August 25th from 8-10pm EST for a party celebrating these amazing results, giving away some cool swag, and chatting about fat busting tips with the girls who completed the challenge.

Make sure you follow the challengers – our panelists for the Twitter Party – and check out their posts so you can see for yourself how the girls managed to Knockout the Fat in their own lives.  The ‘After’ pictures speak volumes about what’s possible with only a few minor changes to your daily routine.

Hostess–Leah Segedie – (@bookieboo)

Twitter Oprah–Amy Lupold Bair- (@Resourcefulmom)


1. Shelley – Lost 9 lbs. & 11.75 inches (@momma_oz) – Slightly Off Kilter

2. Lori – Lost 6 lbs. & 7.75 inches  (@gutimom) – My Kinda Rain

3. Amanda- Lost 11.8 lbs & 7.75 inches (@beeacutie2) – Making time 4 You

4. Heather- Lost 14.5 lbs & 21 inches (@JustHeather) – Just Heather

5. Heather U. – Lost 9.6 lbs & 7.25 inches (@notdiyHeather) – Not a DIY Life

6. Lena- Lost 14.3 lbs & 11.75 inches – (@elenka29) – Way 2 Good Life

7. Tonya- Lost 13.6 lbs & 6.5 inches – (@tonyaStaab) – Celebrate- Create- Explore

8. Alicia- Lost 12.2 lbs & 7.5 inches – (@aliciamarie112) – Making Time for Mom

9. Laila- Lost 19 Lbs & 12 inches – (@onlylaila) – Only Laila

10. Dwan- Lost 5 lbs & 9 inches – (@mommaDjane) – Momma D Jane


6 George Foreman Grills

How to Enter:

To enter to win you must visit the original Mamavation post!

Written by: Amy

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