Frugally Fabulous Fashion

I love to be able to buy the little things in life that make me happy – a Misto from Rita’s, a stuffed animal for my kids, a closer parking space at the theme park – but as they say, the devil is in the details.

Paying for the little things in life can often leave you with little money.

The way that I justify spending money on what some would call frivolous luxuries such as matters of convenience or treats is by saving money everywhere else that I can.

Last weekend I set out to find a dress or two to wear to the BlogHer conference next week. I found this cute little black and white number for $19 – just my price range.

I could have bought the spicy blue cocktail dress for $79, but that’s just not me. So instead I ran to Payless and bought some fun shoes on sale for $10, stopped by Michael’s and bought a couple of yards of coordinating ribbon to replace the black ribbon at the waistline, and pulled out an old necklace from Target that I picked up for a few bucks earlier this summer. The result? Just a little more money, but a lot more fun!

By limiting my spending on what some would deem necessary, I am able to spend guilt free on the finer things in life…such as a small coke pick-me up at the McDonald’s drive through.
It’s fun to be frugally fabulous.
Written by: Amy

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