Friday Featured Giveaway: MaidPro to the Rescue

If your home is anything like mine, it just barely survived the summer with little shoes dragging sand on to the hardwood floors and camp crafts stacked on the dining room table.  Now back to school has brought backpacks and an endless stream of papers to be signed into our house pushing us into the upcoming holiday season with clutter and yuck at our heels.

It’s time for MaidPro to save one of you from the mess!

With over 100 offices, MaidPro is planning to clean up America. They have a vision of bathrooms and kitchens sparkling all across the nation, of beds made, and furniture polished, of shining hardwood floors, and freshly vacuumed carpeting.

Join them in their quest: Let them take dirt off your hands.

They believe that your home should be cleaned to your highest expectations by quality, trained professionals. MaidPro has a long tradition of providing their  customers with exceptional service at affordable rates.  To learn more visit, MaidPro on Facebook and MaidPro on Twitter.

Enter to Win

One Resourceful Mommy reader will receive a free cleaning session courtesy of MaidPro.  To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below telling me why you need a cleaning service to help you get rid of the mess!  Feel free to link back to a picture of the messiest room in your house as part of your answer.

This contest ends Friday, October 14th at 11:59 p.m. ET.  If the winner does not have MaidPro in their area, they will receive their choice of either cleaning product or a gift certificate for a dinner out with their spouse!

Friday Giveaway Linky

Written by: Amy

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  • Oh how I need a good house cleaning! Between the twins, my oldest and my husband, I have so much to keep up with and little time to do it. Especially when you factor in my freelance commitments which are a ton more fun to me than scrubbing my toilet. So, bring on the Maid Pro! Yes Please!

  • With 4 kids and a full-time online business, I need a Maidpro cleaning 🙂 I don’t have time to do much deep cleaning. It’s all I can do to keep ahead of the clutter.

  • Sarah S

    i need help getting rid of the mess – 4 kids within 4 years…leads to a mess.

  • Sadie

    I am in need of some help cleaning. We are working on potty training and I need to focus on my little gal. I would love to have someone to clean my windows.

  • Stacey

    I am a new mom to a 3 week old son and in need of help with some good cleaning around the house. I wanted to get it done before he arrived but didn’t have the chance. Each day is feeding and sleeping for now. This service would be a great break for my husband and I.

  • Thanks for the link up!

  • Pam

    I’ve been going through chemo for months and the housekeeping has gone by the wayside. I good cleaning would be a Godsend.

  • amy

    I need a good house cleaning! I have so much to keep up with, as I have 6 children 1 to 20 & my brother in law who is 23 lives with us & I work, and just little time to do it all.

  • Heather K

    I need MaidPro because i live with 3 wonderful but messy boys. We are so busy it’s hard to find time to clean the right way!

  • Becky Cole

    Both my husband and I work full time and with 2 active sons, I could sure use some help cleaning!

  • Charlise kindsfather

    I was in th hospital sick for all of September and could really use help getting caught up at home!

  • Solducky

    Oh gosh. Linking to the mess would be awful. I actually keep everything picked up, dishes and laundry kept up etc, but I haven’t done the bathrooms since my second was born 2 months ago. *hides*

    I need someone to get my bathrooms clean and do the more in depth stuff I can’t seem find time to do with my rear end parked 2/3 of the day feeding the baby!

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  • JoeyfromSC

    I’d want to gift this to a great friend. She could REALLY use some cleaning haha..She has 2 little ones, and is a very busy Mom…She could benefit from this greatly(Still unsure if they are in my area..but if they aren’t, we can go out to eat together haha)

    Thanks for the chance!!


  • april yedinak

    I could really use some help because I have so many kids around, I can never keep up.

  • Karla

    I am “organizationally challenged,” and I’m self-employed, so I have business disorganization and personal disorganization! 🙂

  • sara haaf

    I need cleaning help because I am chronically disorganized and so behind on it all, I don’t know how to catch up. If I could get it together it’d be easier to keep together. I have a scary room that everything gets dumped on. Hoarders is my fear.

  • @CatchinFreebies

    I would love a cleaning service to come in and help me get my house clean. What mom wouldn’t want that? =)

  • Sharon

    If I won I would gift this to my son; he’s just moved into a place of his own and is in college — he could sure use some help!

  • I’ve gone back to college and spend the majority of my time studying. Would love someone to come in and do a thorough cleaning 🙂

  • I need a maid to clean my house because I have a 3 year old and a 19 month old and my husband recently started working 2 jobs, 65 hours a week, while I stay home with the kids. I just cannot keep up with the house! I am overwhelmed!

  • Kailey Bowser

    I’ve just been so overwhelmed with everything going on at home, and getting ready for weddings this year (SIL and BIL are both getting married.. eep!)

  • Boys + Bathroom = Enough said!

  • I need a cleaning service to help me because I just don’t have the energy myself to get out of the hole I’ve dug. When I do clean it’s just still not enough. Would love to have a dust-free, mold-free, healthy environment for my family.
    I don’t think they service nearby though. :/
    Thanks for the giveaway anyway. 🙂
    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  • Mandy

    Who wouldn’t like maid service? It’d give me a chance to relax and it’s a lot easier to keep a place clean that’s already had a thorough cleaning!

  • stacy h

    i’m having baby# 3 in 4 weeks… and i’m so tired and the house is driving me crazy because it feels so dirty!! so could use some help getting ready for her! hancoci_s at msn dot com

  • @lovinmomma88

    As a mom I am never done cleaning so this would be SO helpful. To actually get a brake, or some assistance. 🙂

  • I need a cleaning service to help me get rid of my mess!! I have a 13yr old son and 4yr old daughter that are constantly making mess after mess around my house. I can barely keep up!

  • Shannon Schulte

    My house is just a disaster. We have just moved into a new home, and we are just finishing unpacking. This hasn’t left time to do chores like vacuuming, mopping, or cleaning bathrooms. I would love some help!

  • We have 6 ppl living in a house with 2 bedrooms an office and a whole lotta stuff. We are all busy with school and work and don’t have time to clean as good as we would like! Please pick us!!!

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