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CONGRATS to @JoeyfromSC, the winner of our Animal Towers Mastermind Giveaway and @jertaybro, the winner of the original Mastermind giveaway.

My children love board games.  My son in particular can play SORRY! for hours on end, and he especially loves to point out the age requirements for each game.  To him, being able to beat silly old mom at a game meant for kids two years his senior is his proof that he’s the smartest person in the house.

One of our favorites from last spring was Mastermind for Kids for ages six and up. My daughter and I picked it up at our local toy store because I realized that she enjoyed games with strategy.  At the age of six she was not quite ready for the original Mastermind, but the junior version turned out to be perfect both for her and my four year old smarty-pants.  Fast-forward to August when I attended the BlogHer Conference…I was walking around the expo floor and out of the corner of my eye I saw this:

There was no elaborate booth meant to entice unsuspecting bloggers on their way to a session, just a simple set-up of games that I love: Mastermind, Tri*ominos, Mancala.  I stopped by to check out the products from Pressman that I had never seen before, including the Animal Mastermind Towers, and my chat with the representative turned into a review opportunity.  My daughter now plays the original Mastermind, and while it’s certainly more challenging than Mastermind for Kids, it’s just as much fun as I remembered.  I find that she opens up about her day, her concerns, her interests while we sit there trying to guess each other’s patterns, so I hope that it’s a game she plays for years to come.  Both of my children also love Animal Mastermind Towers, and we can change the difficulty of the game by adding in more animals or taking some out.  I’ve enjoyed teaching my son critical thinking skills when asking the questions it takes to get the pattern right.


Are your kids ready to try classic Mastermind?  How about Animal Mastermind Towers?  Two winners will each receive one version of Mastermind! Be sure to indicate in your comments which version of the game you are hoping to win.

To Enter:

1. Subscribe to Resourceful Mommy and leave a comment to this post.

2. Either tweet something nice to someone on Twitter, send someone a kind and unexpected email, or write something nice on someone’s Facebook wall.  When you’re finished, come back here and leave a comment telling me which step you took.  No limit to these entries!

Disclosure: I received both Mastermind and Mastermind Towers to review and keep. Pressman Toys will also be providing the giveaways.  I purchased Mastermind for Kids and Diego/Dora Tri*Ominos, both of which I also highly recommend.  I’ll probably buy more toys from Pressman….just so you know 🙂

Giveaway Link-Up!

I was away at the Type-A Mom Conference last week and missed posting the giveaway link-up, but happily….it’s back!  If you are a blogger with a giveaway, be sure to link it here for more entries.  If you’re a reader, be sure to check back often for new giveaways you can enter.  Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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