Friday Featured Giveaway: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hallmark

Here’s a little secret – I would love {love} to write greeting cards.  No, I certainly didn’t sit around in elementary school answering “Work for Hallmark” every time I filled out one of those What Do You Want to Be activities, but the writer in me has always geeked out while looking at greeting cards.  When I was given the opportunity to ask a Hallmark card writer a few questions, I jumped at the chance.  Here was her response (grab a tissue before you click play…)

While this post is in celebration of Valentine’s Day and the card shared in this short clip is a valentine, I also want you to know about Hallmark’s new Tell Them program.  This is something close to my heart right now because as a busy work at home mom, I know there have been days weeks months really long periods of time when I have gone without telling the people I love just how much I love them, without telling my amazing kids just how amazing they are, without telling my incredible parents how  much I value their incredible support, without telling my husband that I would choose him again and again and again.

With the Tell Them campaign, Hallmark is reminding us to Tell Them we miss them.  Tell Them we need them.  Tell Them they’re still the one.  Tell Them they’re your superhero.  And for no reason at all, Tell Them you love them. It is something we all need to hear.

How can you participate in Hallmark’s Tell Them program?

  1. Vow to Tell Them on Facebook: Hallmark launched a new Tell Them Facebook page and application January 30th, and now you can visit the Tell Them page on Facebook and “vow to tell” someone in your life what you think he/she needs to hear.
  2. Share your Tell Them story on Facebook: Every “vow to tell” has a story behind it.  Who are you vowing to tell?  What do you want to tell them?  Visit the Hallmark Tell Them Facebook page, share your story on the wall and be inspired by the stories other fans have shared!
  3. Tell Them with a greeting card: Tell Them is all about taking the time to make those people close to you feel special.  Feel like you remember. Feel like they matter. And for everything they need to hear, there’s a card to help you say it.

Yesterday I left a card in the bed for my husband to find, a little reminder of how much I love him and why.  I even made the bed, which I guess told him that I do remember how to do that.  Bonus!

And now it’s your turn!  One Resourceful Mommy reader will receive a greeting card prize pack so they can tell the people in their lives just what they mean to them!  To enter take any of the following steps and leave a comment for each one.

Product was provided for giveaway and for me to tell the people in my life how much I love them.  No other compensation was provided. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, February 10th.

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Written by: Amy

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