Flip Ultra HD Giveaway

Every now and then I receive a gadget of some sort for a blog program I’m working on or an event I’m attending.  At first, it was really exciting to receive a box on my doorstep, a new shiny gadget inside.  Okay, let me be honest.  It’s still really, really cool to hear the FedEx truck pause in front of my house, and I’m pretty sure that the driver and I are exchanging Christmas cards this year.  But the fact of the matter is that I often pass these items along. I’ve found, for example, that cameras of any type make great Angel Tree Christmas presents for hard-to-buy-for teenagers in need, and my dad happens to like travel coffee mugs (you’re welcome, Dad).

Right now I’ve got a Flip Ultra HD video camera just waiting for one of you.

On Friday I posted a Friday Featured Giveaway.  It has now been updated to include this video camera.  So go win it!  Good luck 🙂

To enter to win please visit: https://resourcefulmom.wpengine.com/6663/friday-giveaway-help-me-support-onemoms/

Written by: Amy

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