Five Tips for Surviving After a Sleepless Night

Sleepless nights are an unfortunate consequence of becoming a parent. Whether your kids are infants and haven’t quite figured out the whole sleeping through the night thing or if they’re older and struggling with sleep for a different reason, parents still need get up and function in the morning. This struggle has hit home with me this week, as my middle son has been dealing with a fever and cough that has made it hard for him to get a decent night’s sleep.

Fuel Up First Thing – Be sure to make meals a priority. A sleepless night can throw off your typical routine, but don’t let it keep you from eating properly and getting the energy your body needs. Avoid sugary foods as they can cause an energy crash later on.

Eliminate Distractions – When you’re overtired, it can be tough to focus. Extra stimuli like music, tv, noise, or even your cell phone can make it really hard to stay on task. Reduce distractions wherever possible.

Prepare for a Mid-Day Slump – Just like any other day, mid-afternoon slumps are imminent. Get outside for some sunshine and fresh air or move your body a bit to help fight your way through. Avoid caffeine too late in the afternoon, as it could affect your ability to fall asleep at night.

Power Through Difficult Tasks – Arrange your task list so that the more important or difficult items are completed first. By leaving simpler projects and smaller tasks for later in the day, your overall productivity won’t suffer quite as much if you start to run out of steam.

Don’t Be Afraid of Power Naps – Though you don’t want to fall into a deep sleep, a 20-minute power nap can give you the boost you need to survive after a sleepless night. Just be sure to set an alarm so that your snooze doesn’t go into overtime!

While I don’t think there is anything in the world that can make the day after a sleepless night enjoyable, these tips can help you make it through until you can get into your jammies and crawl into bed.

What are your best tips for surviving after a sleepless night?

Written by: Shannan Powell

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  • Great tips! For me it’s making sure I get healthy food and find time to get extra shuteye sometime during the day. They do help but eventually I find that going to bed earlier the following night helps most.

  • My kids are grown up now, seven and ten years old. But we do still sometimes need to get up at night when they fall ill. What is important though is to try to take a nap during the day to recuperate. Also, we make sure to stay hydrated as this would reduce our likelihood of getting ill.