Finding Money

Once when I was a graduate student I went to lunch with my intern supervisor. As we were crossing a busy Philadelphia street, we both saw three hundred dollar bills folded together and lying on the street. We nearly pushed each other into traffic as we dove for the money, both of us desperate for such a special treat! I can’t recall whose fingers touched the money first, but I do remember what happened next.

The money was fake. That’s right. It was an advertisement that wonderfully grabbed our attention and at the same time made us hate the advertising company!

But you don’t need to look for dropped bills on the street to find money. If you’re looking to find a little extra money this summer for a weekend getaway or even a fun staycation, start by looking around you…
1. Have a Virtual Yardsale – Setting up shop in your front yard can quickly turn into a time consuming nightmare, but how about looking around your house for those items that you no longer need or use and listing them online at sites like Craigslist or Ebay? Be brutally honest about the clutter in your home. If you haven’t used it in the last year, you most likely are not ever going to use it. You can set up an envelope just for this “found money” and write a goal on the outside of the envelope. Maybe it’s a weekend getaway or some luxurious new bedding. You may be surprised at how quickly you reach your goal.
2. Go Generic: By making the switch from gourmet coffee to a quick cup of Joe at McDonald’s or from the name brand shampoo to the cheapest brand the store carries, you will find that at the end of each month you suddenly have more money available to save, invest….or spend on a day at the water park! Go generic across the board – even just for the summer! – and the money will pile up quickly.
3. Utilize Your Talents: Buying homemade crafts and jewelry has hit a frenetic level of popularity, so why not use your talents and abilities to make some extra money? Wonderful sites like Silkfair, Etsy and Crafty Nation allow you to network with fellow crafters and sell your items. Why not turn your favorite hobby into a little extra cash this summer?
Written by: Amy

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