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We see a lot of opportunities around the Holidays to donate our time, food items, or money to help in the fight against hunger. Food and clothing drives are prominent throughout the community and food banks are flooded with volunteers. But, the fight against hunger doesn’t end when the Holidays are over, it is a year-round battle.

This Spring, we are focusing on how to better serve our community and the people around us who are in need. We were excited to learn about Walmart’s & Unilever’s initiative in the fight against hunger. They’ve made helping simple!

Helping, Simplified

Doing good for those in need doesn’t have to be a big, overwhelming task. You can start small at your local Walmart store! Right now through April 30, 2018, when you purchase participating Ben & Jerry’s®, Knorr® and Hellmann’s® products from Walmart, Unilever will donate the monetary equivalent of at least 1 meal ($0.10) to Feeding America®. Feel good about giving back by purchasing the products you already use!

This week, we headed to our local Walmart to pick up a few items to donate to one of our local food banks, Redford Interfaith Relief

It was a great opportunity for us to talk about the importance of helping others. We take for granted, and often even complain about, the food in our own pantry. As we packed up our bags of food, we talked about the many reasons why families may be uncertain about where their next meal will come from and how it would feel to be in that situation. 

Dropping off our donations to Redford Interfaith Relief was a rewarding experience. It was very inspiring to see in action everything they do to serve the community. There were shelves stocked with non-perishable food items, fresh fruit options, as well as a community garden that was getting ready to be planted this spring. Their love and compassion for others was evident in everything they did.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to help support the Fight Hunger campaign. 

  • Shop for participating Unilever Food Products at Walmart: You can help by shopping for the same items you’re already purchasing by buying participating Ben & Jerry’s®, Knorr® and Hellmann’s® products from Walmart
  • Donate at Check-out: You can donate to Feeding America right from the Walmart check-out line! Donate $1, $2, $5, or choose your own amount.
  • Donate participating Unilever products from Walmart to a local food bank: Gather your family to shop for a local food bank. It is a great teaching, and learning, experience to do as a family.
  • Share this post: Help us spread the word by inviting other moms to join Walmart & Unilever’s fight against hunger through the Fight Hunger, Spark Change campaign. For every post about the campaign containing the hashtag #FightHunger on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, Walmart will donate $10.00 to Feeding America.

The best non-perishable foods to donate:

  1. canned beans
  2. dry beans
  3. peanut butter, or other nut butters
  4. rolled oats
  5. canned fruit in juice, not in light or heavy syrup
  6. canned vegetables, with no or low-sodium
  7. low-sodium soups
  8. canned tuna in water
  9. canned chicken
  10. brown rice
  11. quinoa
  12. nuts, unsalted
  13. seeds, unsalted
  14. shelf stable milk and milk substitutes
  15. whole grain pasta
  16. low-sodium pasta sauce
  17. popcorn kernels (not microwave popcorn)
  18. canned stews
  19. unsweetened apple sauce
  20. whole grain, low-sugar cold cereals
  21. olive or canola oil
  22. canned tomatoes
  23. dried fruits, no sugar added
  24. honey
  25. chicken, beef and vegetable broths and stock.

Additional tips:

  • Canned goods with pop-top lids are better than canned goods that require a can opener
  • Avoid foods packaged in glass.
  • Do not donate foods that are past the expiration date.

Once we dropped off our food donations, we celebrated by enjoying a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s® ice cream. We enjoyed this experience as a family and are looking forward to finding more ways to serve others in our community. 

How have you served your community? Help us inspire each other by sharing your story in the comments!


For each participating Unilever product purchased at Walmart from April 2- April 30, 2018, Unilever will donate the monetary equivalent of at least 1 meal ($0.10) to Feeding America®. Visit for details. Unilever guarantees a minimum total donation of $150,000. Maximum total donation: $2,000,000. $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks.

Written by: Amy

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