Festive Fridays: World Monopoly Day & Monopoly Empire Review

Festive Friday monopoly

*Product was provided by Hasbro for this post. All opinions are our own.

This year, Hasbro is celebrating the 81st birthday of Monopoly with World Monopoly Day on Saturday, March 19th! If you share in our family’s love of Monopoly, this is a great day to grab some tasty snacks and gather around the table for some serious competition family fun!

I’ve mentioned game nights and board game parties a few times in our Festive Friday series, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the extent of my husband’s obsession with Monopoly. Words don’t do it justice.


Yes, he has a couple of dozen different versions of Monopoly, many of which he treats as collector’s items and simply will not open. It’s safe to say that World Monopoly Day will be celebrated here!

We recently received the latest addition to the Monopoly family. MONOPOLY EMPIRE allows you to travel the board and buy and sell some of the world’s top brands, creating your own brand empire. This newest edition includes fabulous new brands, including Puma, Ford, Levi’s and more.


Game play is a little different from traditional Monopoly. No trades are allowed, unless forced by a card. You can’t go bankrupt in the game, either. The object is to fill your Empire Tower with brand billboards first!

My 8 and 10 year olds caught right on, as they’ve been raised as Monopoly experts. We’re having a blast with Monopoly Empire and it’s sure to make it into our World Monopoly Day Marathon tomorrow! This is definitely a great game to add to your family game night rotation!

Want some fun ideas for celebrating World Monopoly Day at home? Check out our Pinterest board!

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