Festive Fridays: Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

By now, the main event of Thanksgiving is over and you’re likely basking in the great deals of Black Friday. If you’re like me, you’ve got a fridge full of leftovers, just waiting to be consumed, and not enough people in your home to eat them all. And while leftover turkey sandwiches are one of the best things about Thanksgiving, you might want some other options when those become a little boring. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for using up all of the Thanksgiving leftovers without having things go to waste.

leftovers-collageThanksgiving the Sequel – Invite over some friends and family to help you take care of all of the leftovers with a second Thanksgiving dinner. We all know that food tastes better the second day…especially when shared with those you love best.

Bring it out at breakfast – Use leftovers in delicious breakfast ideas, like pancakes topped with cranberry sauce or quiche made with leftover turkey with veggies. There’s no rule that Thanksgiving food must be for lunch or dinner!

Take a plate to someone in need – Sharing your bounty with someone who may not get a hot meal is a wonderful way to use those leftovers for good. Visit an elderly neighbor or pass a couple of hot meals along to a new mom. They’ll be grateful and you’ll feel good about giving back.

Fill up the freezer – While not all Thanksgiving leftovers freeze well, cooked turkey that has had the bones removed can be packaged up to use later. Just grab a package from the freezer whenever you want to relive your tasty holiday meal.



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