Festive Fridays: Season Finale Viewing Party

Festive Friday season finale

It’s the end of the TV season on many networks and most of us are winding down the last couple of episodes of our favorite shows until fall. By now, we know if they’re being picked back up for the fall or if it’s time to say goodbye to our favorite characters.  Whether it’s just goodbye for the summer or if you have to bid your favorites a more permanent farewell, you certainly want to send your favorite characters off in style. Grab a few fellow superfans and give these fun party ideas a try!

finalecollageDress in character – Invite your guests to dress up in period costume or to create an outfit that they think their favorite character might wear. Give a prize for the most creative or authentic to the series!

Create a game – Make up bingo boards with things you’re expecting or hoping to see in the episode, then give out some fun, themed prizes to go along with it as people yell Bingo as you watch the episode!

Come up with a themed cocktail – Develop a themed cocktail or choose a wine based on the favorites of your show’s characters, the theme of the show, or even the colors in the logo!

Make your own cupcake toppers – Print small images of the main characters on cardstock or photo paper, then attach to lollipop sticks to use as cupcake toppers. You can do similar things with the show’s logo on toothpicks for sandwiches. PRO TIP: Having these printed at a local retailer’s one-hour photo can save you a ton of money. I do this when I create my kids’ birthday invitations. Usually costs about $3-4, compared to $10+ for regular store bought invitations.

Plan the perfect menu – Come up with a delicious assortment of appetizers, desserts, or other snacks that fit within the central theme of the show. Name the recipes after favorite characters, locations, or other memorable points from the show and create fun labels to share them.

Want more season finale viewing party tips and ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!

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