Festive Fridays: Affordable Winter Fun for Families


Winter can easily drag the whole family down a rabbit hole of boredom and the winter blahs. Finding reasons to get out of the house and fun things to do together can make a huge difference in everyone’s mood. While a day at the movies is a great way to have some fun together, it can be a total budget breaker. Here are a few more affordable suggestions to help your family have some fun through the cold, winter months both indoors and out.

ff-winterfun-collageSpend a day reminiscing – Sort through your old photos and videos. The kids will love seeing how much they have grown and adults can finally get all of those memories organized. It’s a great time to switch out photos on the wall or create a scrapbook for each of the kids.

Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors – Even when it’s cold, getting outside can still be a lot of fun. Dress in layers and go for a hike or drive to a local park for some playtime. There is just as much to see and do in the winter in nature. Hunting for animal tracks, searching for signs of spring, or just playing around in the snow can be a great breath of fresh air.

Indoor family games – Even when your family board games are feeling a little old and played out, there are lots of fun, crafty ideas for playing together. Use recyclables around the house, come up with creative games to play with existing toys, or just use words, songs, and actions to come up with your own games.

Visit your warm-weather favorites – While it might not seem as inviting to go to the zoo or the beach in the winter, taking some time to visit out of season can be quite educational and eye opening. Don’t write off your summertime haunts. They may be just as much fun during the colder months…and far less crowded!

Wants more affordable ideas for wintertime fun? Check out our Pinterest board!

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