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One of my goals in switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress was to finally put myself on an editorial schedule.  Some of you have asked for more balance among my resourceful features: Disney, Blogging, Living, and Parenting.  I hope to bring that to you along with Twitter Party announcements and frequent giveaways.  I’ve also wanted to find more ways to connect with other bloggers through fun link-ups, exposing my readers to new blogs at the same time.  A final goal is to bring video to the site in the form of video reviews and blogs.

To get started with the new branches of Resourceful Mommy, today I’m debuting Survey Saturday! A couple of months ago I was in a Skype chat with my Global Influence Community Manager, Shannan Powell.  We were procrastinating from our real work and mentioned how much fun it would be to have a weekly survey like the kind we used to take in teen magazines, email forwards, or even notes passed in class.  We named it…Survey Saturday.

Silly or not, it sounded like a lot of fun not only for me, but for my readers as well.  Each Saturday I will post about a topic – sometimes silly, sometimes serious – and include a reader survey at the end.  Not only will you be able to share your opinion by casting your vote or leaving a comment, but there will also be a link-up for bloggers. If you have ever blogged about the topic or are inspired to blog about it after taking the survey, you can use the link-up to share your post with us.

Look for more features to roll out in the coming weeks including a giveaway link-up and more!

Written by: Amy

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