Diapers.Com Shopping Spree and Review

This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations to our winner, Angie!

Just when you thought the prizes this holiday season couldn’t get any better….behold! a shopping spree! from Diapers.com.

What’s that?  You don’t need diapers?

Great!  I, too, changed my final diaper a year and a half ago, and so it might seem strange that I took the opportunity to both go on a shopping spree at Diapers.com AND give away a shopping spree at Diapers.com to one of my readers, but the fact it that Diapers.com is about far more than just diapers. Although, for those of you still diapering little bottoms a dozen times a day, this would be one sweet prize.

Not only does Diapers.com offer a one-stop-shop for baby needs without the need to pack up the family and head to the store, battling the holiday traffic and shoppers, but they also carry gift items, toys, puzzles, crafts and more.  Those of you who attended our holiday Twitter Party with Diapers.com got a glimpse of the variety of products offered in their holiday shop, and I know that many of you found their FREE 2 day shipping on orders of $49 or more to be just what you needed to get your holiday shopping completed.

When I was asked to take on this challenge and write about the experience, I knew I needed it to have a fun twist. Remember my Old Navy shopping spree and giveaway in the fall?  I challenged myself to buy Noah’s entire fall wardrobe with just the amount given to me for the spree, and I made it happen!  My challenge this time was to take the $200 shopping budget, visit only Diapers.com, and purchase holiday gifts for every family member on my Christmas list.  Did it work?

Four Year Old Son and Six Year Old Daughter

Santa had already obtained all of Noah and Emma’s toys prior to this shopping challenge, but they still needed to each receive a present “from Mom and Dad.”  While there are many toy options at Diapers.com, I honed in quickly on the art supplies from favorites such as Melissa and Doug and Crayola.  I created a crafting kit for each of them that includes Crayola Glitter Glue, Crayola 16 ct. Crayons, Crayola Giant Floor Pad, Crayola 12 ct. Color Sticks,  Crayola 12 ct Erasable Colored Pencils, Crayola 16 ct. Washable Water Colors, and a Melissa and Doug Doodle Pad.  With one of each for each of them, there should be no fighting over broken pencils or nubby crayons, and they should both have plenty to do to get them through the cold winter months. (Total: $47.34 per child)

Eight Month Old Niece

With a baby to buy for, I could have been pragmatic and bought some of the essentials I know her mommy needs and Diapers.com carries such as diapers, wipes, formula and baby food to shampoo, cribs, car seats, clothing, strollers and more….but that’s no fun.  Instead I found a doll that is completely safe for an infant, the adorable Kids Preferred Kira Doll.  Over Thanksgiving I also noticed that she loves to move the head of an old giraffe toy that we handed down to her.  I was thrilled to find this Melissa & Doug Giraffe Grasping Toy that is made to do exactly what she naturally does with the stiff, old giraffe she has currently. (Total: $17.98)

Three Year Old Nephew

I had a leg up on buying a gift for my nephew, because I was with his mother when she bought some of his Christmas presents.  With that knowledge in mind, I was excited to find some cars to go on the track pieces I know he’ll be receiving.  For the little guy?  A 20 car pack of Matchbox Cars! (Total: $19.79)


Some of you have been reading this and saying to yourselves, “Yeah, yeah, how hard is it to go on a shopping spree for the kids in your family?  No big deal.  Not impressed.”  Okay, but now we’re onto the adults.  How would I find an appropriate gift for my thirty-five year old brother at Diapers.com making this a truly one-stop-shopping Christmas?

I did it.

My brother adores his children, and with a sweet baby at home, I’m sure that going to work every day must be tough.  That is why I chose the Pearhead First Christmas Frame for him to place on his desk with a picture from his little girl’s first Christmas this year. (Total: $13.46)


My sister-in-law was easy to buy for because she is the fun aunt.  You know the type – she has the patience of Job and is able to lead the kids in activities that would make a mom run screaming.  For her I found the Meri Meri Meri Tis the Season Cupcake Kit so that she can help the kids decorate dessert on Christmas day! (Total: $10.76)

Mother and Father

It was actually very easy for me to find just the right gift for my parents who happen to collect rocking horses.  I purchased eight Fair Trade Holiday Hobby Horse ornaments for them to put on their tree! (Total: $21.56)


My husband never answers when I ask him what he wants for Christmas or his birthday, so I decided to simply not ask him this year.  Instead, I thought about what problems in his day I might be able to solve.  As a work at home mom, the little things that should happen during my day – such as tidying up from time to time – just don’t get done.   Our daughter has inherited my clutter gene, so her bedroom tends to look like a tornado came through dumping toys and stuffed animals everywhere.  While Emma and I enjoy the chaos, it drives my husband crazy, and I hear a deep sigh as he walks into her room to tuck her in each night.  To keep him from sighing each night, I bought this Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest for in Emma’s bedroom.  Now we’ll have an obvious place to toss all of the toys from the floor just before Daddy makes his entry to say goodnight.  Score! (Total: $67.50)

While the prices at Diapers.com are great and many items are on sale, I also used the gift code: 10PERCENT at check out to receive the final prices you see listed above – bonus!  This code is good through December 31st.  All of the items I ordered arrived two days after my late evening purchase and are ready to go under the tree!  Thanks, Diapers.com!

And that is how I was able to make all of my holiday purchases at one store – Diapers.com – with only $200.  Are you ready to try it?


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This giveaway ends 12/19 at 11:59 a.m. EST and is open to U.S. residents 18 years and up.  Good luck!  I was compensated for my participation in this program.  All opinions, clever ideas, and shopping prowess are my own.  Any family members reading this article, please act surprised on Christmas day.

Written by: Amy

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