30 Day Giving Challenge Starts Today

When I agreed to participate in the 30 Day Giving Challenge, I took a blind leap of faith.  I wasn’t certain what the requirements were, just that I respected and admired those already signed on to participate.  I didn’t know what I would blog about, just that my own heart for giving had begun to swell with the joy I have found in giving freely and often with a happy heart.

Today is the first day of the 30 Day Giving Challenge, and I’ll admit that I’m still figuring this all out myself.  In our busy lives, how do we take thirty days to focus on giving of our time, our talents, our treasures?  And yet with the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time.  Clear your heart and mind to focus on the magic that is about to begin…

If you have a heart for giving – or would like to – please join us this month for the 30 Day Giving Challenge.

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  • Glad to join you on this journey! My son is anxious to get going this morning so we can complete our giving task. c-:

  • I LOVE this Amy! Right up my alley and so key to what this month of November should be all about…not a rush to Christmas or Hannukah but 30 days of Thanks and Giving. Would love to participate =)

  • So excited to bounce around and hear all the voices participating on this journey of 30 Days of Giving! Nice meeting you.