#CPRweek Twitter Party and iTouch Giveaway

How many of you learned CPR when you were younger? Maybe you took a class as part of lifeguard training for a summer job or completed a course for a badge in scouts. You may have even taken a refresher course when you became a parent. But we need to do more – over 92% of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside of the hospital die from it. It’s time for an updated lesson or even a refresher course on CPR.

The week of June 1st is CPR week, and we are helping the American Heart Association get the word out about the importance of learning CPR. The American Heart Association wants one million people to learn about CPR between June 1st and June 7th. The goal is to increase awareness about CPR and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) so that people will know what to do if someone suddenly collapses from cardiac arrest.

We’re helping to spread the word about #cprweek by holding a Twitter party, and we’d like to see you there! Please join us Wednesday, June 2nd from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST by following the Twitter accounts @minianne and @resourcefulmom. Use the hashtag #cprweek as we learn more about CPR and AEDs with experts in CPR and a cardiac arrest survivor.

As a special prize, AHA will be giving away one iTouch and a number of CPR Anytime kits during the event.

We hope you’ll get involved! You can be one of a million! Take a class, watch a video, or play an online game to learn more about CPR and AEDS. You can also log your experiences learning about CPR at http://www.cprweek.org/. We’ll tweet you there!

Planning on attending? RSVP here!

Written by: Amy

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