#Chuggington Party Announcement!


I’ve got big news to share! While the rest of the nation waits for the premiere of the new Playhouse Disney series, Chuggington, until Monday the 18th, you will be able to see the premiere episode!

You’re invited to a private screening of the premiere episode of Chuggington.

Please join us for the #Chuggington Sitewarming Party on Twitter Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST to be given access to a special link that will lead you to the #Chuggington screening!

Want another Chuggington exclusive? TEN winners participating in the party on Friday will be chosen to receive a Chuggington prize pack of products that will not hit stores in the United States until 2011! To learn more, RSVP, and enter to win, please visit the #Chuggington Party post.

Tweet you there, and be sure to bring popcorn!

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