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Meet Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is a typical stay-at-home mom of an energetic toddler. She hangs out at the local playground with her two year old son, chats with other moms, hands out her business card…

Hands out her business card?

That’s right. Hands out her business card. Because while Jessica is raising her child, she’s also growing her ground-breaking career as the Chief Mom Officer for Wishpot, a rapidly expanding website that describes itself as “a free social shopping service” where users can not only network using Web 2.0 applications, but also “discover products…recommend…favorite stuff, share and explore gift suggestions or ask for opinions and advice.” As Wishpot’s CMO, Jessica helps the company connect with an often untapped yet incredibly important resource – moms.

Holding the Purse Strings
The notion of the power of moms is not a new one – in fact it was William Ross Wallace’s 1865 poem that first pointed out that, “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World.” But Jessica Smith is leading the charge to utilize this resource in new and exciting ways. Bussinesses should not only market their products and services to mothers. They should be hiring mothers to do this for them – and paying them accordingly. As Jessica outlines for prospective companies on her website ChiefMomOfficer.Org, hiring a CMO will help your business connect with other moms through social media and help with business development by sharing personal experience and insight.

Flexibility, Money, Family
And what can a stay at home mother gain from becoming a work at home mom in a CMO position of her own? How about professional growth and competitive pay from the comfort of her own home? Or respect and acknowledgement of the importance of her job as a mother, not only to her own family, but in the business world as well?

The Next Chief Mom Officer?

Does this sound like a good fit in your life? A dream come true, perhaps? Well, lucky for you and for all moms, Jessica Smith is paying it forward. Through her Chief Mom Officer site, her CMO group on Facebook, and her CMO forum on LinkedIn, Jessica provides a resource for moms to learn how to market themselves and ensure that not only do they find the work they seek, but are sufficiently compensated for that work. In fact today, Labor Day – fitting for many reasons – Jessica announced that ChiefMomOfficer.Org has partnered with BabySpot.Com to hire a Baby Spot Chief Mom Officer. It turns out that Jessica has not only started a career; she’s started a revolution!

Attention Businesses

Are you a company that markets to moms – and really, shouldn’t that be every company? This is a marketing trend that you don’t want to miss. Stay ahead of the learning curve here where you’ll find answers to your questions as well as the contact info you’ll need to hire consultant Jessica Smith, the nation’s top CMO expert.

I’m sure that Baby Spot is already happy they did as the resumes start rolling in….

Written by: Amy

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