Chef’s Requested Twitter Party with Bookieboo

It’s time to party again with @Bookieboo and the #mamavation ladies!  These joint parties have become some of our favorites to host, and this one proves to be one of the most exciting with an amazing grand prize…

Invitation from Leah:

Chefs Requested, one of the few companies producing beef products certified by the American Heart Association, is celebrating February by sponsoring a twitter party about ways to keep your heart healthy.  Join us on February 10th from 8-10pm EST with Chefs Requested as we talk about ways that you can take better care of your heart, the American Heart Month & Chefs Requested.   AND if you scroll down to the very bottom of this post, you can fill out your information and Chefs Requested will send you coupons so you can try their product for FREE.

Who: Chefs Requested

When: February 10 from 8-10pm EST

Theme: American Heart Association & Extra Lean Beef

There is a big difference between “lean” meat and “EXTRA LEAN” meat. “Lean” meat can have a fat content as high as 10%, but “EXTRA LEAN” meat has a maximum of 5% fat content. Whole milk is only 3.25% fat, yet skim milk is becoming the most popular category of milk for health reasons. So if you want to eat meat, why not trim the fat and enjoy it and with Chefs Requested you can do that in a perfectly portioned way. Chefs Requested offers delicious extra lean diced steak that makes for easy skillet meals for the family. Additionally their 100 Calorie, perfect portioned steaks, make it easy to keep score on calories, fat and protein while dining like a king (or queen), as well as savory Filet of Beef Roasts that are 96% Fat Free, delicious, yet so easy to prepare.


1. GRAND PRIZE: One iPad (1 winner)

2. Feed your family Steak every week for 6 months compliments of Chefs Requested (3 winners)

3. Gruve (value $250, 2 winners)

4. $25 iTunes gift cards (2 winners)

5. Chefs Requested hoodies (2 winners)

(more to come…)

Panelists that ROCK:

1. @Bookieboo–Party Hostess

2. @Resourcefulmom–Party Co-Host

3. @Sthrnfairytale–Foodie and Domestic Goddess

4. @musiccityfoodie–Foodie and Domestic Goddess

(more to come…)

HOW DO I ENTER: Enter to win at

Written by: Amy

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