Why Disney

Today as I worked online and enjoyed some quiet time with my daughter, I thought it might be fun to find out from some other people why they love Walt Disney World. I know why I love it – it makes me feel like a kid again, puts a smile on my children’s faces, and…

May 27, 2009
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Ask Resourceful Mommy: Disney Edition – Answers!

Sarah from Real Life asked: “Is it better to get a package deal or try to book the hotel away from the park?” I’m going to begin with the exceptions to the rule in this case. If you belong to a hotel discount club program, you may do better financially booking a hotel away from…

May 24, 2009
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Ask Resourceful Mommy Disney Edition and Giveaway!

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to “Ethan’s Mama” for winning the Cars stroller! A couple of weeks ago I began a new series of “Ask Resourceful Mommy” focusing on only Disney questions. Over the next two weeks as my family prepares for its next trip to Disney, I will be answering those questions and…

May 17, 2009
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Surprise! We’re Going to Disney

The last couple of weeks have been very stressful. As some of you know, there have been some trademark issues regarding my mom blogger network, Momfluence, and having to deal with those issues has not only been incredibly upsetting but also time consuming. On top of that I was dealing with the every day that…

May 13, 2009
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Ask Resourceful Mommy: Disney Edition

I have known, well, forever that someday I would take my family to Disney. I’m one of “those people” who loves to give in to the magic of music, dancing, story-telling. So it was not long after my son was born that I began wondering when we would take our children to Disney for the…

April 29, 2009
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Disney Trip 2009 – Where Would YOU Stay?

As many of you know, last December my family, including my parents, took my children to Walt Disney World for the first time. What some of you have guessed from my Resourceful Disney posts is that I don’t just “go” on vacations. I plan them. I plan them as though I’m choosing the college I’m…

March 11, 2009
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Micro-Blog Monday….on Tuesday!: Disney on a Dime

One of the questions that I receive most often when folks find out that my family spent a week at Walt Disney World last December is, “But doesn’t it cost too much?” Now what is “too much” varies from family to family, and in this family we place a premium on magical time spent with…

January 28, 2009
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