Why I Took My 9 Year Old to See the PG-13 Saving Mr. Banks

(Spoiler alert — This post discusses specific moments from the film Saving Mr. Banks.) When I imagined myself as a mom prior to having kids, I envisioned a relaxed, laid-back, playful person whose days would be filled with far more yeses than no’s — my future children would be thrilled to be raised by the “cool…

May 20, 2014
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The Tough Truth About My Disney Side

You’ve probably seen all of the calls to show your Disney Side, from the at-home Disney Side parties to the Disney inspired recipes on Pinterest. I’ve hosted a Disney Side party of my own and have hashtagged tweets, Facebook updates, and Instagram posts with the #DisneySide tag. I’ve declared myself to be showing my Disney Side when I’m doing…

May 19, 2014
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In Defense of Disney Parents

Recently I’ve found myself in a series of conversations about parents in Disney movies, mostly inspired by Disney’s Frozen, that powerhouse film that continues to break records with its success. {Spoiler Alert} Of course the parents in Frozen die very early on in the film, shaping the entire story. Any Disney film fan knows that parents are rarely…

May 16, 2014
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Disney IS a Small World After All

Thanks to my often whimsical father and the excuse of traveling to an aunt who lived in Tampa, I grew up visiting Walt Disney World Resort more often than most of my peers. I always assumed that when I had a family of my own we would do the same, family members in Florida or not. When…

May 15, 2014
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Finding Inspiration At Disney

I recently returned from the fifth annual Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, and this year like each year in the past left me feeling inspired. Quite honestly, every visit to Disney Parks fills me with inspiration. Whether I’m learning about the incredible dreamer, thinker, and innovator Walt Disney or simply recharging my own batteries with…

May 14, 2014
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My Magical Richard Sherman Experience

I was raised by a stay-at-home dad in rural Pennsylvania in the 1980s, the younger of two kids, the only girl in the house most hours of the day. I remember spending my first few years convinced that I, too, was meant to be a boy and that my parents had somehow convinced the doctors…

May 13, 2014
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Reasons to Visit EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, 12 Days of Disney Christmas, and more…

In the last several weeks, I’ve written some posts for Babble’s Disney Voices that were just an absolute pleasure to write. I at times feel guilty while I’m writing the content, feeling like I’m slacking and should be doing my “real” work. The truth of the matter is that my family and I genuinely enjoy…

December 16, 2013
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