The Dr. Pepper Debacle aka I Like Baked Lays

I like to snack. And I like caffeine. I try to occasionally have a banana and a glass of water for my snack – I really do, I swear – but I need crunch in my munch. The way to satisfy this need lately has been for me to grab a handful of SunChips or…

May 3, 2009
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Ask Resourceful Mommy: Disney Edition

I have known, well, forever that someday I would take my family to Disney. I’m one of “those people” who loves to give in to the magic of music, dancing, story-telling. So it was not long after my son was born that I began wondering when we would take our children to Disney for the…

April 29, 2009
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Resourceful Mommy Changes

(photo credit: “Carpet Bagger” by Alan Stanton) There has been a (somewhat heated) discussion recently – first in whispers and lately in shouts – regarding mommy bloggers, mom bloggers, product reviewers, marketing mavens…..whatever we all are. I strongly prefer to stay above the fray, below the radar, whatever you want to call it because at…

April 26, 2009
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Ask Resourceful Mommy: Does "Your Baby Can Read" Really Work?

Some time ago I received this letter for “Ask Resourceful Mommy.” Dear Resourceful Mommy, I keep seeing these videos of babies – Babies! – who can read, and the videos say that it is because of Your Baby Can Read. Resourceful Mommy…does this product really work? -Heather in PA Dear Heather in PA, The folks…

March 9, 2009
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Ask Resourceful Mommy: How Are Raisins Made? Update!

I’ve gotten many interesting questions since launching my Ask Resourceful Mommy feature one month ago, but I thought this one was the most fun! Dear Resourceful Mommy,I know that raisins come from grapes, but I’ve always wanted to know – how exactly are raisins made? To find the answer, I turned to those guys from…

February 6, 2009
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New Feature: Ask Resourceful Mommy

One of my favorite ways to procrastinate from just about anything else I should be doing is to conduct research – about anything. I have more than one friend who calls me every time their child is sick or hurt – before they call their pediatrician. And my friend Amy loves to send me those…

January 3, 2009
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